Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I finished the Book of Mormon as a Christmas gift.


The elders asked if they could keep their bikes in our house for the day and when they came to pick them up we had pick cute girly stickers all over them. 
The wedding of our investigators J &  I. It  turned out great because the Relief Society put the whole wedding together with them in the church. They are getting ready for baptize, but I is very sick right now so keep her in your prayers! 

Christmas fireside in Brazil. 
From the Christmas devotional we did. We sang in a choir of missionaries ( which included songs in Portuguese now that are stake is part of Brazil). It turned out great! Except for the fact that it rained and so we didn´t have a huge attendance, but our investigators showed up and LOVED it. The best part about them coming too was that they got to know members from the stake and had friends to sit with. #√©xito

Where I spent Christmas Eve. D & S they are AMAZING investigators.


Feliz Navidad! #ghettochristmastree

My Christmas gift from Hermana Chen.

Where I spent Christmas day. Familia Leal, LOVE THEM! ( We ate cow butt)

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