Monday, February 24, 2014

   We had stake conference this week. It was EXACTLY what I needed. All the talks ended up having to do with what the member's in the stake could do to help with missionary work. I know all these messages were inspired. 

   A lot of the messages were focused around getting the members to go out with the missionaries. Recently in the mission our schedule changed and we now leave the house at 9 A.M. to go work. From 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. we are to have a member with us in all the lessons. This might sound crazy, but it is SO necessary and I bear testimony of the strength members bring to the lessons.

   One missionary said that during the week they worked on having members with them during the lessons and by the end of the week they had 8 investigators in church. EIGHT! That number is incredible. To get investigators to come to church in Uruguay is so hard. 

   I´m sure this was a big testimony builder for this Elder, but an even bigger testimonial builder for the members that were able to participate in the work and see the Lords work in action. I know that if the members go out with the missionaries as the PROPHET has asked they can witness the joy of hastening the lords work. In D&C 18 15-16 it talks about ¨ how great shall be your joy if you bring many souls unto me.¨  I testify of this JOY. I am so happy even when it´s so hot I can feel my skin being burnt, I am so happy even when my legs are sore and I still have miles to walk. I am so happy even when I´m missing my friends and family. I am just SO HAPPY. 

   I have no doubt that when President Monson said ¨Now is the time for members and missionaries to labor in the Lords vineyard together!¨ It was inspired from the Lord. I have no doubt that when every talk given at a stake conference in Montevideo Uruguay was all about us working together, it was inspired by the Lord. Giving meals and doing their laundry isn´t enough. GO OUT WITH THE MISSIONARIES. THEY NEED YOU. More importantly, the Lord needs you to do his work. I have come to know and love my Savior so much in these last 3 months. I can´t put into the words how much I love him and how much love I feel from him by working side by side with him in HIS work. This is just one of the many, grande blessing waiting for those who go out and hasten the work. I testify of the blessings you will receive by following this council from the Lord through the prophet Thomas S. Monson.

   I know this church is Christ church. I know of the saving power of the atonement and the joy and blessing it can bring into our lives. I know that my Savior lived and spent his lifetime sharing this message and his gospel. I know that this is the SAME gospel message he has hastened us to preach today and I share these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 
 NADIA! She moved and is now getting baptized in the other mission. SO HAPPY FOR HER!

 This is their cake here. It´s not as good as cake back home.
This was at stake conference. According to her we´re ¨Mejor amigas!¨ and she wanted to be where I was at all times. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014


FEBRUARY 17,2014

This week was....hard. My first week without my mom a.k.a. my trainer a.k.a Hermana Lopez. My companion I have now is GREAT. She´s been out for a year and I honestly can´t describe what she had already taught me just these 6 days. It´s going to be a great 6 weeks! It´s just very hard to go from having a routine when teaching with Hna. Lopez, being able to express how I feel in English if needed, and being with someone whose SO happy. Hermana Cisnero and I have to learn to teach together, NO English at all, and I think she is sick so that makes it hard to work with a smile. :/

I have spent the last few days worrying about our investigator, L. She isn´t doing so great and it´s breaking my heart. Keep her in your prayers!

Missions are hard. They are SO hard. Even though this week has been a tad bit tough, I am so HAPPY. It´s the craziest thing! It would be easier to count the moments that I don´t have a smile on my face rather than the moments I do. I think Hermana Lopez´ happiness rubbed off on me BIG TIME.

I have learned a lot this week. One of the biggest things I´ve learned is not to think of the sacrifice but to think of the blessings. I am so blessed to be in this area, to have the opportunity to learn from Hna. Cisnero, and I realized that I actually know Spanish.

I love and miss you all!

Love, Hermana Baca

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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 Cracking the door open!
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Sister Kaylee Baca

Blog Letter

February 11, 2014

It´s Hermana Lopez birthday and it´s our last day together! So sad. It´s going to be weird without her. I am

going to miss my whole district too... For the past three months I have been telling my District Leader, Elder Larrea, he´s from Mexico even though I know he´s from Peru. Not only do I say it, but the whole district too! My new companion is Hermana Cisneros from Argentina and I´m picking her up tomorrow. Wooh!

It´s been another week of rain, rain, and more rain. Everyone here says it´s unusual for it to rain this much in summer though.Besides rain, we did have a baptism this week! And just as our other baptism was crazy, so was this one. The adversary is really working!

The day started with non-stop rain from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M.. I was literally pouring water out of my rain boots. At one point, water was going to flood into our house so we had to get a bucket and pile rocks/dirt in front of our door. Once the rain had stopped we went to go and get the baptism dress. It was more of a swim than walk though. There was water up past our knees. (don´t worry I have pics)

We got the dress and headed to the church. We had already pushed the time back so that Caroline´s parent could make it and we really wanted it to be a good experience not only for her, but her family too. When we got to the church not only were the elders not there yet, but NO ONE from the bishopric. Come to find out the bishop hadn´t asked anyone to come in his place even though he had known about it for 2 weeks. :( We figured it out though! We called Santiago, a member of the ward who had recently returned from his mission, to help us with priesthood and the elders were on their way.

As we waited for everyone to show up we went to go open the baptismal font doors and......the key didn´t work. After trying to figure it out for a half an hour Santiago finally said ¨Lets just take the door off the hinges.¨Bueno! Vamos! So, we took the doors off the hinges. All I was thinking at this point is ¨ Ainu´t nothing stopping us from having this baptism!¨ During this time everyone we needed decided to show up too! Yeah!

We were finally ready. Elder Larrea and Caroline went to get in the water and.... it was blazing hot! Neither one of them could bare getting in it. So we all started filling buckets of cold water and dumping them in the font. Luckily it only took 15 minutes or so for the water to become bearable for the two of them.

Finally, the font was filled with cool water, the doors were open, and everyone was present. Time to have a baptism! Caroline was so excited to be getting in the water. Not only had she waited for this for the past couple hours as we maneuvered past the complications, but for the past four months too!

She had one foot in the water when all of a sudden all the power turned off in the church! I was so calm and patient the whole time, but in that moment I broke out in tears and in English and said aloud ¨You´ve gotta be kidding me.¨ I broke out in tears not because I was mad, but because I was so excited for Caroline. This was her day and her mom actually came! I wanted it to be PERFECT. No matter how much we tried to avoid things going wrong, and we REALLY tried, they still did.

The show went on though! Everyone stood at the font glass holding their phones as flashlights and watched as Caroline made this sacred covenant with her Heavenly Father she had come to know in the past 4 months. It was the perfect the dark. haha I mean really! How many people get to say the were baptized in the dark! It was actually quite funny. We were all laughing about it as we closed the church and walked out. In fact, it got more funny. As we were literally locking the gate door to the church, ALL the power came back on. The adversary has a sense of humor. ;)

I love Caroline. I am so proud of the progress she had made and for her decision to get baptized. I wish everyone could meet this little girl and listen to her talk about how she lives the gospel, and knows it´s true! Her parents are never willing to listen to us, but I believe it´s because Caroline is ALWAYS being a little missionary and telling them everything she knows. She always tells them to come listen to us. I also constantly hear her say things like ¨Mom, you need to come to church.¨

I know this church is Christ restored church on the earth today. I know how much Heavenly Father wanted Caroline to enter the waters of baptism in order for her to return to him one day. I know it, and that´s all I´m trying to do. I´m just trying to be an instrument in Heavenly Fathers hands to help his children make these saving covenants, because HOY ES EL DIA! The Lords hastening his work.

Love you and miss you all!

Hermana Baca

Monday, February 3, 2014

 Our pet Armadillo! GROSSSSSS

 For my birthday!
 Familia Furtado! Love them!

So not much going on this week.

It´s been raining lots, we have a broken toilet, and I really don´t want to have transfers next week. HERMANA LOPEZ CAN´T LEAVE ME!!! NOOOOOOOOO. It will be fine though. My zone leaders did interviews with us and during my interview they asked if I was ready to leave my trainer....... I ignored their question because I felt like crying. hahaha

In other news, WE HAVE A PET! It´s soooo against the rules, but it´s not our fault. So here´s the story.....

During studies the other day I decided to look in our cabinet for a book. I couldn´t see the top shelf so I pulled my chair up to the cabinet to get a better look. As I looked through the cabinet I could feel Hermana Lopez gaze on me and all I could think was ¨What! Hasn´t she ever seen someone short use a chair to reach.¨ I continued looking and then I decided to see what was on the top of the cabinet. My eyes creeped over to the only thing that sat at the top of the cabinet. A jar. I saw 2 little animal hands and before I could examine the jar any further Hermana Lopez bursted out and said ¨Don´t look at it!¨ All I could say, being a little creeped out, was ¨WHAT. IS. THAT.?!?!¨ Hermana Lopez didn´t remember how to say the name of the animal in English, but she preceded to tell me what it was doing there.

For the past 10+ years only elders have lived in this house. ( That itself should explain why there was an animal in a jar left in the house, but I´ll finish.) It wasn´t until a few months ago that they put sisters in the area. So when the sisters moved in, in August the elders had put the animal in the cabinet to scare them. Instead of throwing it out like they should have, they kept it there. Hermana Lopez had told them to take care of it, but... that never happened. Entonces! There´s a pet armadillo sitting in a jar, in my house! SICK!!!!!! I told the elders who put it there to come and take care of it, because neither of us will touch it. NASTY!

San Fernando is great! The members really took care of me yesterday. 4 cakes later....I´m still stuffed! Members came and decorated the house and had planned a breakfast before they realized it was fast Sunday. haha My 20th birthday went down as the best birthday in history. Now we have this whole week to celebrate Hermana Lopez birthday too.

To end the 19th year of my life I finished The Book of Mormon again! Just as I challenge all my investigators and members to do, I prayed to know it is true. I know it´s true and I receive the same answer EVERY time. It´s crazy to think that ONE book can help you with all aspects of your life and all you have to do is read it and ask if it´s true. So many people NEED this message of the Book Of Mormon to help them in their lives. And that´s why I´m here. I testify of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. I know It´s true, I know it´s the words of our Heavenly Father, and I know that this is Christ church. This is the same church Christ established when he lived and It´s been established on the earth again through latter day prophets. I love the Book of Mormon and more so I love my Savior.

I love you and miss you all! Go and spread the word of this because... HOY ES EL DIA! The Lord is hastening his work and the ones who have the knowledge of his gospel are the ones to spread it.

Love, Hermana Baca