Monday, February 24, 2014

   We had stake conference this week. It was EXACTLY what I needed. All the talks ended up having to do with what the member's in the stake could do to help with missionary work. I know all these messages were inspired. 

   A lot of the messages were focused around getting the members to go out with the missionaries. Recently in the mission our schedule changed and we now leave the house at 9 A.M. to go work. From 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. we are to have a member with us in all the lessons. This might sound crazy, but it is SO necessary and I bear testimony of the strength members bring to the lessons.

   One missionary said that during the week they worked on having members with them during the lessons and by the end of the week they had 8 investigators in church. EIGHT! That number is incredible. To get investigators to come to church in Uruguay is so hard. 

   I´m sure this was a big testimony builder for this Elder, but an even bigger testimonial builder for the members that were able to participate in the work and see the Lords work in action. I know that if the members go out with the missionaries as the PROPHET has asked they can witness the joy of hastening the lords work. In D&C 18 15-16 it talks about ¨ how great shall be your joy if you bring many souls unto me.¨  I testify of this JOY. I am so happy even when it´s so hot I can feel my skin being burnt, I am so happy even when my legs are sore and I still have miles to walk. I am so happy even when I´m missing my friends and family. I am just SO HAPPY. 

   I have no doubt that when President Monson said ¨Now is the time for members and missionaries to labor in the Lords vineyard together!¨ It was inspired from the Lord. I have no doubt that when every talk given at a stake conference in Montevideo Uruguay was all about us working together, it was inspired by the Lord. Giving meals and doing their laundry isn´t enough. GO OUT WITH THE MISSIONARIES. THEY NEED YOU. More importantly, the Lord needs you to do his work. I have come to know and love my Savior so much in these last 3 months. I can´t put into the words how much I love him and how much love I feel from him by working side by side with him in HIS work. This is just one of the many, grande blessing waiting for those who go out and hasten the work. I testify of the blessings you will receive by following this council from the Lord through the prophet Thomas S. Monson.

   I know this church is Christ church. I know of the saving power of the atonement and the joy and blessing it can bring into our lives. I know that my Savior lived and spent his lifetime sharing this message and his gospel. I know that this is the SAME gospel message he has hastened us to preach today and I share these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

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