Friday, October 25, 2013

The elders are mean to me -_-

Sister Knapp and I

The Finnish Sisters

We all stayed in the hallway and just talked one night. It was a good bonding time. haha

Another one of Elder Finlay's selfies. I photo bombed!!!

I made a candy cabinet in our classroom with the candy my Dad sent me. Elder Finlay takes everyones cameras and take "selfies" all the time.

At the Temple today! Cousins!

Example of us "Twinning"



First off, DEAR ELDERS! WOOH! Mail, is like opening a Christmas present here. Thank you EVERYONE for all the letters! I will try my hardest to write you all back! The only bad part about mail is the Elders in our district think it's hilarious to wave the mail in our faces and run away with it. -__- So lame!

Despite, the Elders taunting us with the mail I LOOOOVVVEEEE my district. That's right! I said love. (if you know me you know how much I hate saying love and cheesy garbage like that) All 7 of us will cry when we leave for different areas in Uruguay. Sometimes we have too much fun and other times we are very serious. The other night when we were walking home from the devotional from main campus we were all LOCO. That's what you get when you keep us in a class room all day. I'm pretty sure all the other missionaries around us thought we were the district that just came out of the great and spacious building. It's good to be studious in the MTC, but it's also important to have fun. We laugh and a lot of stupid things. There's funny and then there's MTC funny. MTC funny is when you are so secluded from the outside world that mostly anything will make you laugh to the point of tears. SPEAKING OF WHICH Elder Finlay just sent me a picture of a guy with a purple beard. We ALL just wasted 10 minutes of our hour computer time laughing.

Not only does our district have fun, but we have a teacher who's HILARIOUS. The other day we spent a half an hour after class talking to him about Uruguay. It's the best to have a teacher who served in the same place we're all going, but it can also be a distraction. He wants to talk about Uruguay and we want to listen. We had a whole discussion on dogs in Uruguay. Apparently there's random dogs all over Uruguay and you have to find ways to get them to leave you alone and his companion lifted a dog to try to get him over a fence once and ended up spearing the dog! AHHHHH! His companion was from Guatemala and all he could say was " Oh...Elder O.o..........VAMANOS!" We laughed so hard!

Our district does have a lot of fun, but some of the best spiritual experiences I've had have been in our classroom. The MTC is like the spirit prison. It's a place of learning CONSTANTLY. I've only been learning Spanish for two weeks now and I carried an ENTIRE lesson and conversation in Spanish with someone yesterday. No notes at all! Of course, I don't know EVERY word, but as long as I'm trying my hardest and being obedient the lord handles the rest. Me and Hermana Paris run a mile during gym time everyday and we memorize words as we run. I write a page full of words and it takes 8-9 minutes to run a mile.... 8 minutes to memorize a page of words! 4 words.... THE GIFT OF TONGUES. When I first taught lessons I felt like I could only hear " Sí, halkdfjapodfhaopfhapsdojpasofj pasofjasfod´´ when the investigator would speak. Now I can understand so much. They are also making the ENTIRE West campus spanish speaking. Meaning... if you say ¨HI¨ to someone at this campus they will look at you weird and say ¨No, it´s HOLA!¨ Bring on the español!

As far as investigators go there´s a PLOT TWIST!!!!! The investigator we were teaching last week who I dreamed about IS OUR TEACHER!!!! So, we have Hermano Bullock and Hermano Civic. He really is from Argentina and has a thick spanish accent. Our zone leaders spilled the beans and told us that our first investigator would end up being our teacher so we all knew and on Monday when we walked in. I didn´t call him Hermano Civic. I walked in, put my hands on my cheeks like I was surprised and said ¨ MARTIN!!!!!!!´´ He had told us he was moving back to Argentina so we stopped teaching him. Our teachers take turns acting as different investigators for us to teach in spanish and everytime they pick different names so now Hermano Civic isn´t Martín he´s Guillermo so I call him ¨Hermano Martín Guillermo Civic¨ He´s cool. And I still say ¨MARTÏN!!!!¨ every morning I walk into class. He just shakes his head and laughs.

SAD STORY.... There´s a sister named Sisar Knapp that I met here in the MTC and she left for Finland on Monday. She was in a trio and they would come visit us EVERY night. We both had the same struggles in the MTC. It was so nice to have her here to talk to. Instead of me being on a roller coaster of emotions alone she was riding the SAME roller coaster. So sad she´s gone but we will email!

Now for some FUNNY STORIES

1. The MTC is really busy. There are missionaries going from one place to another all the time. So to make things fun I always yell ¨HEY ELDER!¨ or ¨HEY SISTER!¨ and then keep walking like I said nothing. haha We laugh as 12 Elders will look around for who said it.

2. We also made a game where we steal apples off of trays and see who can come back to class with the most. We call it MANZANA!

3. We got a new district last Wednesday and Hermana Sorenson and I told them we were cousins.Here´s the story.....¨We opened our mission calls at our grandma´s house in Las Vegas and we got called to the SAME misson. Luckily, we´re in the same district in the MTC but if we were companions we would end up killing each other.¨ We also told them that there´s a video on Youtube of it that went viral and if they don´t believe us they should go watch it. NEWS FLASH no Youtube in the MTC. They´re minds were BLOWN! hahaha

Seriously, Hermana Sorenson and I could be related. It´s the best having her live in the same apartment because we are both the same size and It´s like having DOUBLE the wardrobe. We end up matching a lot not planned! And sometimes we look at each other and we know we just know we are both thinking the same thing.

The MTC is a lot better! It´s a big adjustment but I´m learning a lot and creating friendships I´ll have forever! Yesterday we taught a local member of the church a lesson in español. We decided to teach him about the Holy Ghost. One of the biggest things I´ve learned here at the MTC is how important it is to have the Holy Ghost in our lives for guidance, comfort, and just companionship. The holy ghost has given me so much comfort when I have bad days at the MTC. It´s a gift that Heavenly Father has given us to use in our lives. In my lesson I told the brother how every year at Christmas time my dad knows EXACTLY what to get everyone without being told what they want, because he pays close attention to the things we focus on all year. He´ll pick out presents that my mom mentioned she wanted in July. It´s always a gift he knows we will end up using every day. Heavenly Father has given the gift of the Holy Ghost. It´s the greatest gift we can ever receive on earth. This can be a useful gift everyday if we are worthy of it. Take advantage of that gift we are so blessed to have as members of the church.

I miss you all! Thank you for all the letters and things that have been sent! I hope everyone had as great of a week as I did here!

Love, Hermana Baca
1st companion Sister Reed

Our District 


Kelsey!!! I LOVE her!!!

This girl is a lifesaver! I am so lucky to have someone here I can go to! AND she is the best comforter ever!!!Everyone should have a Kelsey!

Yep! Study time!

Study Time!

My district 

We all go crazy in our class!

This is one of my friends from :SOAR" he is in my district and going to Argentina. 

Elder Dietrich and Elder McKean look like the guys from "The Best Two Years"and Elder Dietrich does a PERFECT impression of Elder Calhoon.

This is Hermana Sorenson and I making fun of Elder McKean haha.

This awesome painting is in our class room.

Laughing so hard.

TWINS! Us brownies!

Yeah for Sister Howard

Our district 

Ignore the tiered in my eyes! LOOK at Elder Finlay in the back! hahahaha

Learning Espanol!!!


We are having so much fun...Really we are!

Morning Temple trip.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kaylee June Baca
Provo West MTC
2025 N. 900 E. UNIT 934
Provo, Utah 84602

When using make sure you are sending it to the Provo WEST MTC

Week 1 MTC

* I apologize now for all grammar and spelling errors. I have MINUTES to write this out so here it goes..........

FIRST OFF!! Use it to write me! I get the letters that same day! All you need is my name: Kaylee Baca and my mission: Montevideo, Uruguay WEST mission (URU-MONW) Unit #934. Getting those letters seriously make or break my day. Even if it's just a silly joke you heard, SEND IT TO ME! Best part is It's FREE! Any questions write me on Facebook and my mom will write you back.

    I've been in the MTC ( Missionary Training Center) for a week now and it feels like I've been here for months! The days are so long. In my district there is me and my companion Hermana Reed who is from St. George.....or at least I think it depends on who she talks to because she's from all over Utah and where she is from changes depending on who she talks to. EVERYONE here is from Utah. Then there are the other Sisters we live with. Hermana Paris from Wyoming and Hermana Sorenson from Layton, Utah. Hermana Sorenson and I could be twins. We have a trio of Elders. Elder Dietrich ( Idaho), Elder Finlay (Pocetello), and Elder Mckean (St. George). We call them the Tres Bebes OR Tres Ninos ( Three babies or Three Children) cause they are all just barely 18 and out of High School and they seem so young! The started calling us Abuelitas( abuelitas) because we're so old. They are HILARIOUS!

    The language is coming along! When I was set apart as a missionary in my blessing I was blessed with the gift of tongues. I testify that the Gift of Tongues, is REAL. My teachers Hermano Lundy Hermano Bullock are awesome! Hermano Bullock also, served in Uruguay and found out two days before we entered the MTC that he was getting 7 of us going there. HE WAS STOKED! Hermano Lund ONLY speaks to us en Espanol. ( Get's a little frustrating at times) and Hermano Bullock holds us to what he knows we know. They balance each other out and they are the best! We got here Wednesday afternoon and they told us we would be teaching an investigator in SPANISH on FRIDAY who is from Argentina. We have taught him 5 lessons ALL in Spanish ( mostly not using notes surprisingly) and he has committed to baptism.......THE GIFT OF TONGUES IS REAL YO! There have been some rocky times when teaching him though! I told him he once " Martin, Usted arepentimiento por pescados" TRANSLATION " Martin, you repent for fishes" HAHAHAHA I ment to say " Martin, you repent for sins" Woops! He understands little english and knows I started learning spanish this week! I am so glad to be helping him come unto Christ. I am so concerned about him that one night my companion woke up to me sleep talking saying: " Martin I can't find the scripture for you! I know it's here in D&C! I can't find it! I can't find it!" The next day I tried to express to Martin that I wanted to help him learn this message so much that I stressed about him even when I was sleeping. It came off as......" Martin, I dream about you." THE LOOK ON HIS FACE!!! hahaha Awkward.... At least I know my head is in the work. My spanglish is the really good though! AND I can speak the 4th hardest language in the world.....English. ( I think it's the 4th that's what I was told by an elder so I'm just going to go with it.)

   I got to listen to Elder Oaks speak to me FEET in front of me at the devotional on Tuesday. This is an APOSTLE OF GOD I'm talking about. He walked in the room and everyone stood up so I didn't see who it was then I was standing on my tippy toes and looking in between heads to see who it was and then I saw him! I gasped out loud! So awesome! And such an awesome talk! One thing that really struck me when listening to him was we refer to him as ELDER Oaks not brother Oaks, president Oaks, or his first name. ELDER is the same name missionaries are referred to as when they are set apart to be missionaries to teach in place of Jesus Christ. I am SET APART as a missionary just like Elder Oaks is set apart as a disciple of Christ. Not only me but all the OTHER missionaries you see. If you have questions...ASK THE MISSIONARIES! These are people set apart to proclaim the truth and help others come unto Christ.

   Lastly, the MTC is so hard! Heavenly Father is trying to teach me SOOOOOOOOO many lessons! I thought I would be just fine, not miss home, adjust well, and the MTC would be a breeze! LIES!!! What helps though, is that EVEYONE here also left all those comforts at home to also adjust to learning a new language, spend all day studying the gospel, and serve others. It's hard. I don't know why I thought it would be easy to do this and why I thought I wouldn't be bursting into tears daily, but there is no doubt in my mind that this is where I'm suppose to be and I have no desire to take the easy way out and return to not having to wake up at 6, study for 60% of my day, be in a place where I'm ACTUALLY comfortable, and eat good food. Teaching others the message I have is the most important work I can be doing though! You would think if I would just stop putting myself through these things and go home but THERE IS NO WAY I'M COMING HOME! It's hard but I'll be blessed. 

   In front of our house there are rose bushes. I remember seeing the dead roses there and thinking they still looked good and soon they would grow back without us needing to trim them. When my mom cut them I thought she was crazy! Roses are pretty even when they're dead right!?!?!? And I thought they would grow back without completely trimming the bushes of any flowers. A few weeks later the roses grew back and were even prettier than the dead roses! I liked trimming the rose bushes when I would go to pull weeds, because I knew that they would grow back and I would enjoy the fresh color they would bring. Heavenly Father cuts us down to teach us lessons. He KNOWS it's the best thing he can do for us and in the end we will be better than we were before ( In my case, a better missionary). I feel like I'm being cut down and it's hard. I know my Heavenly Father LOVES me. I love this church more and more as I study it day in and day out. I promise the way to truly feel joy in your life is through this gospel. Heavenly Father knows all of you and he has called over 80,000 missionaries who give up their lives to bring forth this message. It doesn't get much truer than that. He loves all of his children and is just waiting for you to come unto him or for you to teach this message to those around you. 

  I KNOW this church is Jesus Christ Church restored in the latter days. This is one of the hardest things I have ever loved to do! I miss you all! 

Friday, October 11, 2013


    We received a phone call that I needed to report to the Provo, Utah MTC. My new address for the next 6 weeks will be
Sister Kaylee June Baca
2025 N. 900 E. Unit 934
Provo, Utah 84602

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Mission Call

    On June 11th, 2013 would be the day I would find out where in the world I would dedicate 18 months of my life to. The only hope I had as to where I would be serving was that I would have the opportunity to learn another language. Even if I got called to Provo, Utah Dutch speaking I would be a happy camper!

   I was told to expect my call on the 11th at the latest. Everyone else had anticipated every Thursday before, although I specifically planned on the 11th so I wouldn't get my hopes up and be disappointed like everyone else. So there I sat, the night before, reading a list of all the missions on my phone. I did this just so I could say " I read where I was going before I got my call." I thought maybe I would go to the Philippines, because there were SO MANY missions there and that would be a safe bet. I also thought maybe somewhere in the East states. After pondering the list ever so slowly getting to sleep was as easy as it is to get to sleep on Christmas eve.

    Getting up the next day, I had a goal to be as busy as I could. On my way out the door to work I took the mail key and placed it on my key chain so that I ENSURED I would be the first one to open the mailbox and see the white envelope. I sat at work failing to keep myself distracted from what was going on. When 3:30 rolled around and I knew the mail had more than likely already came I decided to quite putting myself through the anticipation and head home to check the little gray box. Upon turning onto my street I pulled straight up to the mailbox, got out of the car, and walk up to the mailbox knees half bent slowly turning the key. Either I'd be ecstatic or severely disappointed..........I got disappointment. Despite my efforts to not get my hopes up, it wasn't there......Just Kidding! I knew it would end up being the latest date! So there it was, piled in with junk mail! My knees dropped to the ground as I hugged the envelope in my arms. My fate was in my hands.

    Being the tease I am, I walked in sad faced with the envelope hidden between Target ads and said in a low meek voice " No call." Tossing the papers on our side table. Unfortunately, my little brother and older brother's best friend are both well aware of how much of a tease I am and did not believe me. I would have to wait 3 more hours until the 7 PM grand opening and then I would be able to tear it open like a Christmas present. To keep distracted I cleaned as much as I could for 3 hours as I waited for everyone I loved and who had helped me get to this point in my life, whether they know it or not ;), arrived.

    7:05, 7:06, 7:07.....I sat at the edge of my seat, white envelope in my hands, knees bouncing, impatiently waiting for the last few friends to arrive. With everyone that showed love to me around it was time. Palms clammy and hands shaking I poorly tried to open the envelope inch by inch, miserably failing to open the envelope gracefully. I pulled to paper and notebook free making sure to cover the letter and allowing me only to read it line by line. I held the call up in between my hands and focused my eyes on the first line, my heart full, my throat chocked up, and.....tears! I couldn't speak. All I could feel was proud. I knew at that moment that I was EXACTLY where i needed to be and it took so much to get there. Only through my Heavenly Father and the people surrounding me was that possible and I couldn't help but to feel so much joy.

    And so I went on to read with tears pouring out " Dear Sister Baca: You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the URUGUAY MONTEVIDEO WEST MISSION!" And as I read "You will prepare to preach the gospel in the SPANISH LANGUAGE." My voice fluctuated with excitement. Spanish! I would be speaking Spanish! This mission was exactly what I wanted and the place I needed to go without even knowing it. Boy! Does my Heavenly Father know and love me :). It was like placing the last puzzle piece into a puzzle. Perfect!

    For the next 2 weeks I played the video over and over. Wanting to re-live that moment of feeling so loved by my Heavenly Father. I would have never guessed Montevideo, Uruguay. In fact, even though " I read my mission call before I got it." Reading down the list of missions I thought "Oh cool! That mission has the word video in it!" I know my Heavenly Father knows me and loves me. I'm grateful for the opportunity I get to serve in Uruguay and teach in place of my Heavenly Father to let his children there know that they too have a loving Heavenly Father.