Friday, October 25, 2013

1st companion Sister Reed

Our District 


Kelsey!!! I LOVE her!!!

This girl is a lifesaver! I am so lucky to have someone here I can go to! AND she is the best comforter ever!!!Everyone should have a Kelsey!

Yep! Study time!

Study Time!

My district 

We all go crazy in our class!

This is one of my friends from :SOAR" he is in my district and going to Argentina. 

Elder Dietrich and Elder McKean look like the guys from "The Best Two Years"and Elder Dietrich does a PERFECT impression of Elder Calhoon.

This is Hermana Sorenson and I making fun of Elder McKean haha.

This awesome painting is in our class room.

Laughing so hard.

TWINS! Us brownies!

Yeah for Sister Howard

Our district 

Ignore the tiered in my eyes! LOOK at Elder Finlay in the back! hahahaha

Learning Espanol!!!


We are having so much fun...Really we are!

Morning Temple trip.

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