Monday, October 7, 2013

Mission Call

    On June 11th, 2013 would be the day I would find out where in the world I would dedicate 18 months of my life to. The only hope I had as to where I would be serving was that I would have the opportunity to learn another language. Even if I got called to Provo, Utah Dutch speaking I would be a happy camper!

   I was told to expect my call on the 11th at the latest. Everyone else had anticipated every Thursday before, although I specifically planned on the 11th so I wouldn't get my hopes up and be disappointed like everyone else. So there I sat, the night before, reading a list of all the missions on my phone. I did this just so I could say " I read where I was going before I got my call." I thought maybe I would go to the Philippines, because there were SO MANY missions there and that would be a safe bet. I also thought maybe somewhere in the East states. After pondering the list ever so slowly getting to sleep was as easy as it is to get to sleep on Christmas eve.

    Getting up the next day, I had a goal to be as busy as I could. On my way out the door to work I took the mail key and placed it on my key chain so that I ENSURED I would be the first one to open the mailbox and see the white envelope. I sat at work failing to keep myself distracted from what was going on. When 3:30 rolled around and I knew the mail had more than likely already came I decided to quite putting myself through the anticipation and head home to check the little gray box. Upon turning onto my street I pulled straight up to the mailbox, got out of the car, and walk up to the mailbox knees half bent slowly turning the key. Either I'd be ecstatic or severely disappointed..........I got disappointment. Despite my efforts to not get my hopes up, it wasn't there......Just Kidding! I knew it would end up being the latest date! So there it was, piled in with junk mail! My knees dropped to the ground as I hugged the envelope in my arms. My fate was in my hands.

    Being the tease I am, I walked in sad faced with the envelope hidden between Target ads and said in a low meek voice " No call." Tossing the papers on our side table. Unfortunately, my little brother and older brother's best friend are both well aware of how much of a tease I am and did not believe me. I would have to wait 3 more hours until the 7 PM grand opening and then I would be able to tear it open like a Christmas present. To keep distracted I cleaned as much as I could for 3 hours as I waited for everyone I loved and who had helped me get to this point in my life, whether they know it or not ;), arrived.

    7:05, 7:06, 7:07.....I sat at the edge of my seat, white envelope in my hands, knees bouncing, impatiently waiting for the last few friends to arrive. With everyone that showed love to me around it was time. Palms clammy and hands shaking I poorly tried to open the envelope inch by inch, miserably failing to open the envelope gracefully. I pulled to paper and notebook free making sure to cover the letter and allowing me only to read it line by line. I held the call up in between my hands and focused my eyes on the first line, my heart full, my throat chocked up, and.....tears! I couldn't speak. All I could feel was proud. I knew at that moment that I was EXACTLY where i needed to be and it took so much to get there. Only through my Heavenly Father and the people surrounding me was that possible and I couldn't help but to feel so much joy.

    And so I went on to read with tears pouring out " Dear Sister Baca: You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the URUGUAY MONTEVIDEO WEST MISSION!" And as I read "You will prepare to preach the gospel in the SPANISH LANGUAGE." My voice fluctuated with excitement. Spanish! I would be speaking Spanish! This mission was exactly what I wanted and the place I needed to go without even knowing it. Boy! Does my Heavenly Father know and love me :). It was like placing the last puzzle piece into a puzzle. Perfect!

    For the next 2 weeks I played the video over and over. Wanting to re-live that moment of feeling so loved by my Heavenly Father. I would have never guessed Montevideo, Uruguay. In fact, even though " I read my mission call before I got it." Reading down the list of missions I thought "Oh cool! That mission has the word video in it!" I know my Heavenly Father knows me and loves me. I'm grateful for the opportunity I get to serve in Uruguay and teach in place of my Heavenly Father to let his children there know that they too have a loving Heavenly Father.

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  1. Congratulations Kaylee! I hope you have a wonderful time and may our lord open more doors for you, looking forward to seeing many pictures on your blog...Diviértete :)