Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I finished the Book of Mormon as a Christmas gift.


The elders asked if they could keep their bikes in our house for the day and when they came to pick them up we had pick cute girly stickers all over them. 
The wedding of our investigators J &  I. It  turned out great because the Relief Society put the whole wedding together with them in the church. They are getting ready for baptize, but I is very sick right now so keep her in your prayers! 

Christmas fireside in Brazil. 
From the Christmas devotional we did. We sang in a choir of missionaries ( which included songs in Portuguese now that are stake is part of Brazil). It turned out great! Except for the fact that it rained and so we didn´t have a huge attendance, but our investigators showed up and LOVED it. The best part about them coming too was that they got to know members from the stake and had friends to sit with. #éxito

Where I spent Christmas Eve. D & S they are AMAZING investigators.


Feliz Navidad! #ghettochristmastree

My Christmas gift from Hermana Chen.

Where I spent Christmas day. Familia Leal, LOVE THEM! ( We ate cow butt)

December 29, 2014

I never thought being a leader and having an area would make me loose so much sleep worrying about the other missionaries and investigators, but it does. I guess it´s a good thing though, because it means I really do love all of them. When I got to Skype with my family I asked my brother how I could help them and he told me that they have to be obedient, because when we aren't obedient we become unmotivated. Obedience is everything in the mission field. When we are obedient we feel the Holy Ghost in our lives that animates us to progress and do our best. When we are disobedient we don´t feel the Holy Ghost as strong in our lives and we become disseminated because we started to live in spiritual darkness. The Holy Ghost adds light to our lives and in all that we do. This happened a lot in the scriptures. In Alma the Nephites sent 2000 young men to fight against the Lamanites. Even though they were only young men it says that ´´Yea, and they did obey and observe to perform every word of command with exactness; yea, and even according to their faith it was done unto them;´´ Alma 57:21. They were young men that obeyed with exactness and they truly did have the protection of the Holy Ghost with them, because ´´ there had not one soul of them fallen to the earth; yea, and they had fought as if with the strength of God.´´ Alma 56:56. As obedient servants of the Lord, they fought with animo (with vigor). They did something that could only be done with the help of the Lord, because they were obedient. Although when we are not obedient we cannot expect the Lord to help us. The Lord says ´´ And he that repents not, from him shall be taken even the light which he has received; for my Spirit shall not always strive with man, saith the Lord of Hosts.´´ Section 1:3. Even though the Nephites were obedient, they later became more and more disobedient and when they began to fight against the Lamanites again in Mormon chapter 5 they weren't as successful. ´´ For behold, the Spirit of the Lord hath already ceased to strive with their fathers; and they are without Christ and God in the world; and they are driven about as chaff before the wind. 17 They were once a delight some people, and they had Christ for their shepherd; yea, they were led even by God the Father.´´ Mormon 5:16-17 We must have the Holy Ghost, this spiritual light, in our lives to help us battle spiritual challenges that we face every day. We must be obedient. The other day we went to look for a 12 year old recent convert named E to teach him. He is NEVER in his house, but as we walked passed his grandma’s house the idea came to my head to ask her where he was before going to his house. We entered his grandma’s house and she was excited to see us. She told us that her daughter who is a Mormon was visiting and wanted to introduce her to us. We started to talk a little bit to the daughter and she ended up telling us that they were Mormons, but they are inactive in the church now. We asked if we could sit down with her and her husband and share a message. We started off by talking about Christmas and Christ birth. We ended up asking the father what Christ birth meant for him. He said that it meant that Christ came to teach the gospel and so that was important for him. It was a good answer, but I was looking for him to say much more about Christ purpose on earth, so we opened up to 3 Nephi 27:13-14 that not only says that Christ came to teach the gospel, but to do his fathers will too and suffer for us. We explained the love that Heavenly Father has for us to send his son so we can repent. After that, a miracle happened. The father opened up and explained to us that he was once a bishop, went to the temple, and had always been a member of the church. Even though he had always been a member he had made mistakes and felt like he couldn't repent. He didn't even feel worthy to pray to his Heavenly Father. I felt his pain to live in this place of spiritual darkness. He had really been suffering for 5 years because of disobedience, but after sharing a strong spiritual message of Christ, the Atonement, and Heavenly Fathers love for him, I could see him see the light he had been missing all these years. In the end of the lesson, he knelt down in prayer for the first time in a very long time. We must have this light of the Holy Ghost in our lives to protect us from spiritual darkness. The only way to gain and retain this light is through obedience. I am so grateful for this light that tells me silly things like ´´ Go to E's grandma’s house to look for him, not at E's house.´´ It was truly the spirit that guided us to this family. I have a testimony of the Holy Ghost and it´s power in our lives. I know that it is through Christ Atonement that allows us to repent and gain this light in our lives. I know that I have a loving Heavenly Father who looks to guide us through the Holy Ghost and that he gives us commandments, because he loves us. Love, Hermana Baca

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Baptisms for the week!!!

CERRO! OUR area!!!

October 6, 2014

I loved having the opportunity to listen to conference and learn from living prophets and apostles. I always learn something new and things that I can do to improve more. I especially loved how much they talked about doing family history work.

I have never done family history work, but I have felt the need to do it more and more these past few months. I have felt the spirit of Elijah working on me. The spirit of Elijah is the spirit which connects us to our ancestors and helps us feel the need to do the work for them.

In a recent zone conference we talked about doing the work for our families and its importance. I felt the spirit strongly as we talked and shared stories as a zone and then the next Monday my dad wrote me a letter talking about the importance of family history work and how blessed he is to have 2 Spanish speaking children who will be able to use this gift to do our Spanish family history work.

I know that I have past family members waiting for me to do this work and it is just as important as the missionary work I am doing here in Uruguay. This last week we had a chance to teach a family of investigators about family history work for the first time. They had a lot of questions and little did we know that the father of the family had past away and one of the questions they had always had was how would their father be able to repent completely of his sins. The whole family is excited to be able to one day, go to the temple and do this work.

I know that family history work is very important. I can`t testify of the blessings I have received from doing it yet, but I know there are many and I can feel the spirit strongly just thinking of the work I have to do.

October 13,2014
As being raised in the church I have always felt like I´ve had a testimony that the church is true. I have never had to doubt the church and because I´ve always known the church is true it´s been a given that Joseph Smith was a called prophet to restore the church. Although, as a missionary I hear more doubts than testimonies about the prophet Joseph Smith.
For my investigators A and E it´s been easy for them to gain a testimony that the church is true. I have taught them since April and seen them grow and receive the blessings of the restored gospel in their lives. I feel like they are members. They are by far the most dedicated investigators I have ever had. They study so much and apply the things they learn. Although with all the studies they do, questions and doubts always arise especially about Joseph Smith.
They have asked me questions that me to study to find the answers. I have never had so many doubts about Joseph Smith. Yes, even as a missionary their questions have made me question. As I studies more I felt like I had more doubts than answers. I felt embarrassed to say I wasn´t sure. I was searching sincerely for a sincere answer to my doubts to calm my uneasiness.
As I listened to general conference I searched more for the answers I wanted and the hunger I had to know. When Elder Neil L. Anderson spoke it was like my Heavenly Father was guiding me in the direction I needed to go. Elder Anderson helped me understand that it was ok to ask genuine questions to help us gain testimonies.I felt the need to search more by putting into practice what Elder Anderson invited us to do by reading pamplets about Joseph Smith, reading the Joseph Smith history, and listening to the first vision.
What really pushed me more to look for my testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith is when he said ´´ You won´t be of much help to others if you´re own faith is weak´´. How could I help A and E find their testimony of Joseph Smith if mine wasn´t as strong either? I needed to gain my own testimony and through listening to conference my Heavenly Father was guiding me.
One of the things that guided me and helped me the most was doing the personal study activities in Preach my Gospel. I accepted ´´ president Smiths challenge´´ to do all the study activities in Preach my Gospel. One of the first activities was to read the 1st vision and write a newspaper article about the restoration of the gospel and write about my own feelings for the restoration. As I wrote a feeling came to me that I should try to testify with mas sincerity when I tell the first vision and testify I there is anything I am the most sure about, it is that Jesus Christ himself leads and guides this church.
That very day that I felt the impression to testify with more sincerity we taught the restoration to 4 different people. Every lesson I felt the spirit stronger and stronger. As I recited the memorized words of the first vison the spirit spoke more and more through me. By the end of the day we were in a lesson and I felt the spirits guidance as we focused on teaching the restoration. I repeated the first vision and then when I went to say ´´ I know....´´ The spirit came down on us like an unexpected shower of rain.
I have never felt the spirit so sudden and strong fall down on me like that. I took a long pause to even speak, with tears streaming down my face, I knew I received my answer. I will never be able to deny the testimony I received that the prophet Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God who was called to restore Christ church.
I know without a doubt that the Church is true and the Joseph Smith spoke with Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ that spring day in the sacred grove. I know that just like Joseph Smith and me ( a missionary) we are to seek our own testimonies and answers through prayers and diligent studies. If we do so, our Heavenly Father will answer.


Hermana Baca

October 21, 2014

Fun news for this week! We went to Brazil and worked for a day and it was so fun! I have never felt the gift of tongues so strongly. I could understand, I learned so many words, and I was able to use all that I knew in Portuguese without even thinking. The elders there are working really hard and their areas are HUGE. It was a good day.

We also have transfers this week! My hija will be going to another area and I’m staying! I think all the missionaries were surprised to hear that. This will be my 6th changed here and I will have 9 months in Artigas. I feel so blessed! Hermana Duke will be coming here and I am so excited to have her! I don`t know her a lot, but I already feel like we are going to be a great companionship!

Everything is going well in my area and I am focusing on helping the members and investigators understand the doctrine of Christ better. I really do love the people in my area and desire that they progress.

One day this week we went out with a less active who is a part of our ‘’ equipo misional’’. Right before leaving the house she said ‘’ Hermanas I can`t testify today because my husband lost his job``. I asked her why she thought he lost his job and she told me because the people he has been working for cut him from work. I then responded by explaining that when we keep the commandments the Lord blesses us spiritually and temporally and when they re-activated themselves months ago is when he received work, but now there back were they started and haven`t been coming to church for weeks. Her comments really struck me and helped me understand what she needs to have for trust in her Heavenly Father to progress.

Mosìah 2:41 is one of my favorite scriptures that says `` And moreover, I would desire that ye should consider on the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God. For behold, they are blessed in all things, both temporal and spiritual…`` It`s the Lords promise that if we keep the commandments he blesses us temporally. We may not know exactly how he will bless us, but we have his promise.

When Nephi and his family went out of Jerusalem for the desert they received this promise from our Heavenly Father. In 1 Nephi 17 Nephi and his family were obedient when Heavenly Father told them to go into the wilderness. Nephi says ``…we did travel and wade through much affliction in the wilderness; and our women did bear children in the wilderness…`` It must have been hard to complete with this commandment of God knowing that they would suffer more, but he describes the experience of receiving blessings of raw meat and the mothers having milk for their children. The blessings they received from the Lord weren`t anything spectacular, but it was sufficient enough that they had no reason to complain.

Nephi goes on to tell us ``And thus we see that the commandments of God must be fulfilled. And if it so be that the children of men keep the commandments of God he doth nourish them, and strengthen them, and provide means whereby they can accomplish the thing which he has commanded them; wherefore, he did provide means for us while we did sojourn in the wilderness.`` ( 1 Nephi 17:3) Through our obedience the Lord strengthens us both temporally and spiritually. We all suffer from afflictions of our everyday lives. Maybe the Lord will never ask us to abandon our homes and head for the wilderness, but we have our own modern day afflictions. As we keep the commandments he will bless us and we are to be patient and not complain as we trust in him.

In the end Nephi and his family not only received blessing will traveling in the wilderness, but when they arrived to their unknown destination Nephi describes blessings of all the food they needed. I may not know why this brother lost his job and how I can help them temporally, but the Lord knows. As a missionary I am to help them understand that they MUST keep the commandments so that they receive the Lords promise.

I know the commandments are there to help us and that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us and wants to bless us. As we stay obedient he will bless us and we will not suffer so many afflictions. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that we can receive guidance through our DAILY studies as the Lord asks us to do. I felt so much guidance as I read Nephi’s story and I know it is revelation that will help those in my area as well as in my own life.


Hermana Baca

November 10,2014

We have been teaching an entire family of 10 for 3 months now and they have all progressed so much! They come to church, have family home evenings, they want to go out and work with us, ect. Practically members! The only thing that has held them back from baptism is that the oldest daughter and her husband have to quit smoking and then them and their 3 daughters will be baptized, the parents of the family will be baptized after they get married in December, and then the youngest two daughters S (21) and D(16) set the goal to be baptized this weekend.

I was so excited that D and S were on their way to baptism until last Friday when they told me they wanted to wait without explaining why. I was so worried as to why and spent a lot of time pondering about the possibilities. When we went to visit them the next day I was ready to teach the doctrine of Christ so that they could continue preparing for this weekend.

When it came time to ask S why she explained to me that she wanted to wait because she is going to Montevideo in December to live with the father of her daughter and she wants to get married first before being baptized so that one day she can be married in the temple and get sealed with her whole family. My eyes filled with tears as I heard this. I was so proud of her decision. I didn´t have to teach the doctrine of Christ like I had prepared. SHE UNDERSTANDS.

More than anything I am grateful that she has the goal to take her whole family to the temple. A few months ago in our Zone meeting we talked about the importance of teaching lesson 5 (the lesson that talks all about the temple) BEFORE baptism, not after like we had been doing. I am grateful for that revelation, because now I can see that my investigators not only have the goal of baptism, but the goal of eternal families and that´s something that ONLY the gospel offers that can´t be found anywhere else.

I know the church is true and that families can be together forever. I know of the importance of this to all those who don´t have the gospel in their lives. I know that it takes a whole family to work TOGETHER to receive the promise of eternal families and that the plan of salvation is a perfect plan.

November 17,2014

In the mission we always talk about how we should speak with the tongue of angels and only speak positively without gossip. It´s something that takes work to do and a couple of weeks ago my district leader taught us what we could do not only to speak with the tongue of angels, but how we could have the vision of angels too. He started by showing us photos to judge of people who didn´t look like they had a lot of potential and then turned out to be presidents, athletes, and missionaries. He told us that we can´t pick and choose who we talk to and teach just by their looks because they might turn out to be a bishop, stake president, apostle, ect.

I remember showing up to the house of an inactive family and they were outside drinking. The brother said ´´ I don´t want anything right now!´´ We left, but in a better moment we returned. We have been teaching them for months now and they have changed their lives. I love this family and have loved them since I met them. I am thankful for the spirit that guides me and helped me have the vision of angels upon meeting this family so they could return to living the gospel in their lives. Maybe the brother who told us ´´ I don´t want anything right now!´´ Will turn out to be the next bishop, or stake president, or future apostle, who knows!

I can see that potential in him. Maybe right now he doesn´t see that, but I do. Last week we went to teach him and in the end he ended up teaching us! He showed us a scripture and started explaining what it meant and invited us to meditate the scripture too. It was only a few verses, but the way he had studied it out was profound. I asked him how long ago he had read and understood the scripture and he told me ´´ A long time ago! I had to read it over and over again and then I had to pray over and over again.´´

Later in the week in the conference with Elder Christensen ( of the presidency of the 70) President Smith explained the same thing the brother explained to me. He told us that we needed to meditate the scriptures and keep knocking to understand them. It´s like when you knock on a door. You don´t just tap the door once and then wait. You have to knock and knock and knock until someone answers the door.

It´s interesting that this brother was studying and saying what church leaders were telling me. As he has start to apply the gospel more in his life he has received personal revelation and is able to share what he knows with others so that they learn too. He has so much potential and so does every one of Heavenly Fathers children. It´s US that needs to have the same vision as our Heavenly Father to help others come to their potential.

I am working on having the vision of angels. I´m not perfect, but I know that through the atonement I can be perfected in Christ. I know that he lives and that our Heavenly Father is merciful to those who are willing to repent.


Hermana Baca

December 2, 2014

This week was Incredible! When we started the week I had the desire to set high goals so that this week would be incredible and with prayer it worked. When we start the day with pray we pour out our desires to our Heavenly Father and then during the day we work with the Lord for what we prayed for. When the Lord sees our efforts we put forth to achieve what we desire he helps us achieve success.

This week we focused on achieving ´´ Las normas de excelencia´´. We focused on the goal of reaching each number, if not more, by the end of the week and prayed for the help we needed. One of the numbers that has always been hard for me to achieve is receiving references. As I used prayer I felt the promptings of the spirit remind me to ask for references in moment that I didn´t except. With these quiet whispers from the Holy Ghost we were able to receive more than 15 references this week.

Prayer helped us the whole week. When Friday came we realized we didn´t have a lot of lessons with less actives. We prayed throughout the day to have opportunities to teach less actives and by the end of the day we had 10 lessons with less actives for the day. Saturday was the last day to work and we still needed to find new investigators. We again, prayed throughout the day to have opportunities to teach new people and by the end of the day we found 5 new investigators.

When we pray for our righteous desires and work with the Lord to achieve them we become an excellent team. Our Heavenly Father desires that we achieve our desires too. The adversary desires the opposite and work just as hard against us. We have to pray constantly to achieve our righteous desires so that Satan’s desire isn´t stronger than ours.

For example, one day we might have the desire to go to church, but another feeling might come that tells us to sleep in and not go to church. The Holy Ghost tells us to go and Satan tells us to sleep. If we pray we have the companionship of the Holy Ghost. When we pray the whispers of the Holy Ghost become louder and stronger than the whispers of the adversary working against us.

´´Behold, verily, verily, I say unto you, ye must watch and pray always lest ye enter into temptation; for Satan desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat.´´

3 Nephi 18:18

By the end of the week our desires to reach our goals were stronger and we had success.

Las Normas de Excelencia Our weeks numbers

Lessons with member: 10 13

Other lessons: 5 13

Investigators in the church: 5 9

Progressing Investigators: 7 15

Investigators with baptism date: 3 4

Lessons with recent converts or less actives: 15 20

Received references: 8 8

Contacted references: 8 10

New investigators: 8 10

Number of hours with members: 12 22

I know that as we work hard and with the Lord we can expect to see miracles. I know that this work is important and that as I try my hardest I can be and instrument the hands of the Lord to help others come unto him. I know that I have his promise that the Holy Ghost will guide as I work and do my part.


Hermana Baca

Thursday, October 2, 2014

 I´ve got the moon on my fingertip!

Jasmine pants house party!

September 22, 2014

When we go out and teach we have to teach as clear as Christ taught and with as much love as he had when he taught too. This is his doctrine and there is no other way to teach it. When we teach with love we are following his direction to teach.

In the last conference, Elder Richard G. Scott said that ´´We must be sure to sincerely love those we want to help in righteousness so they can begin to develop confidence in God’s love. For so many in the world, the first challenge in accepting the gospel is to develop faith in a Father in Heaven, who loves them perfectly. It is easier to develop that faith when they have friends or family members who love them in a similar way… Giving them confidence in your love can help them develop faith in God’s love.´´. When we teach investigators and they feel our love for them they have to trust in our words and desires to follow what we tell them.

We have an investigator who doesn´t have faith in God and doesn´t feel the need to repent. He doesn´t feel this love and confidence. He literally told us that his material things like his tv and dvd player were more important to him than God so he couldn´t go to church, because he didn´t want them to get stolen, he won´t stop smoking, he feels like he doesn´t have time to read even though he doesn´t work, and he really hasn´t been progressing because he won´t follow through with the commitments we extend. After hearing this we explained to him that we can´t help if he wasn´t willing to apply these things

After explaining this to him he told us that if we didn´t want to come then we can leave him in peace and he´ll leave us in peace and said I´m going back to watching TV.. He turned on the TV. and waited until we left. As a companionship we left the house said and feeling horrible. I couldn´t believe the things he had said to us. It made me sad to see that someone who had once progressed lost a lot of faith in us, but more in his Heavenly Father and Savior.

I felt bad the next few days after and prayed to find comfort and know what I could do. I felt the need to go back and talk to him, but I had fear of what next he might say to us and felt hopeless that he would even progress again. Until, I studying and meditating about repentance. In the scripture guide it says that ´´ true repentance comes from the love for the Savior´´.

Even though it was ME that didn´t want to go back I knew I had to. I knew I had to repent and find a way to gain his confidence again. Not for me, but for my Savior who I love and loves C even though he puts other things before him. My job as a missionary is to help him gain more love and confidence in his Savior. I had to do my Heavenly Fathers will not my own will. It all clicked just by reading one line in my studies.

I then went to look for a scripture in 3 Nephi 27:13 that talks about our Heavenly Fathers will and without realizing, opened up to 3 Nephi 11: 29. Verse 29 is in the same place of 13 in the other chapter, but I read ´´For verily, verily I say unto you, he that hath the spirit of contention is not of me, but is of the devil , who is the father of contention, and he strengthens up the hearts of men to contend with anger, one with another.´´. I had felt contention when we stopped teaching C that day and I knew that´s what happened. He felt contention and frustrated and that was the work of the adversary.

Then I went on to read the next verse that says ´´ 30 Behold, this is not MY doctrine, to stir up the hearts of men with anger, one against another; but this is my doctrine, that such things should be done away.´´ When I do my own will I am not teaching the doctrine of Christ. I am teaching MY way. I knew I had to go back and talk to C. I knew I had to go back and show him the love I have for him and the love his savior has for him.

We have to be examples of Christ in all things and apply the things Christ taught as missionaries too. I have to teach and be like Christ to change hearts so that these people trust in him and repent. There is only 1 way to teach and it´s his way, if we do it any other way then it´s our way or the way of the adversary.

I learned a very important lesson about repentance. I love my Savior and am so grateful for the forgiveness he gives me when I make mistakes. I am grateful for the faith and love I have in him and the opportunity I have to help others come unto him.


Hermana Baca

Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 15, 2014

I have been studying a lot about faith. I have learned a lot about the relationship between faith and obedience. It says in the scripture guide that faith is to have confidence in Jesus Christ. We can´t just say we have faith in Jesus Christ; it has to be shown through actions. It´s interesting here, because Uruguayans love to say how much faith they have, although faith without actions is dead.

We show faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ when we obey his commandments. When we´re obedient it´s saying that we trust in him and when we´re disobedient it´s saying we trust more in ourselves. If he is able to see our loyalty through obedience he blesses us with miracles in our lives. The brother of Jared was obedient and when he prayed to his Heavenly Father he expressed his trust in him, saying:

´´4 And I know, O Lord, that thou hast all power, and can do whatsoever thou wilt for the benefit of man; therefore touch these stones, O Lord, with thy finger, and prepare them that they may shine forth in darkness; and they shall shine forth unto us in the vessels which we have prepared, that we may have light while we shall cross the sea.

5 Behold, O Lord, thou canst do this. We know that thou art able to show forth great power, which looks small unto the understanding of men.´´

He expressed fully his trust in the Lord and he was also obedient to every commandment given to him. After, expressing his faith he saw a miracle. The Lord showed his finger and touched two rocks that would help him fulfill the commandments the Lord gave him. He didn´t have faith because he saw a miracle, but he saw a miracle because of his faith. When we are faithful we can expect miracles. ( Ether 12:18)

I have not seen the finger of the Lord, but I have seen the hand of Lord as I work. I know it´s because of my obedience to and willingness to obey the mission rules or commandments. As I express my confidence in the Lord and I pour out my desires in prayers day and night and show my willingness to serve him through obedience I have seen miracles.

I have a strong desire to find more people to teach and this week we have seen miracles. One day we went to go contact a reference. The reference wasn´t home, but the mom let us in to teach. She started telling us in tears how just that morning she had passed for a trial and was looking for comfort. She knew that we could help because she had listened to the message before. When we should up at her door, it was perfect timing.

Then, as we started teaching her she expressed how she knew Joseph Smith was a prophet and she has continued reading in her Book of Mormon since the missionaries taught her years ago. We then taught her about the Doctrine of Christ and invited her to be baptized. It was a miracle and the Lords hand was with us the whole time.

Yesterday we even went to go teach a family of 6 who are preparing for baptism. They are incredible and have such strong testimonies of Joseph Smith. We entered and the parents and sisters of the wife were visiting. We taught a powerful lesson and our investigators were able to testify of Joseph Smith. The whole family is willing to go to church and be baptized. It´s incredible.

I know this is the Lords work and through me he teaching his children. I am so grateful I have the opportunity to know and work with all of these people. For the miracles the Lord shows me every day and that I can grow with them. I know my Heavenly Father loves them and me and that he sent his son Jesus Christ to lead us back to him.


Hermana Baca

Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 9, 2014

My ´´hija´´ IS THE BEST COMPANION EVER! We are working so hard together. We have a companionship that is centered around the spirit and I love it! At the end of the week we can both see in the numbers that we have worked hard, but we don`t feel like we worked so hard. Time is just flying by! I love Hermana B.
After having 3 baptisms last week we knew that we needed to find new investigators. We set goals to find new investigators and to have more than 30 lessons for the week. We both prayed for what we desired and work hard together to accomplish it. We have had miracles this week with our lessons and finding new investigators. What surprised me most is how the Lord put those who are prepared to listen to this message in our way. I feel like he literally SENT people to us.
One of the investigator we found this week is G. He is the brother of a investigator M, who got baptized last week. He recently moved in with his mom and when we went and visited we got to know him and taught him the first lesson. He told us how he attended church and listened to the message before. At the end of the lesson I asked him how he felt about Joseph Smith. He told me that he knew it was true and always has known. GOLDEN. After, we felt inspired to extend a baptism date and he accepted. I know he had been prepared to listen to this message.
Later, we were walking down the street when an 8 year old girls ran up to us with her arms opened ready to give us kisses. She started to say ¨Can you visit in my house?¨ Over and over. We went to the window of her house and started to talk to her mom. It had only been seconds when she said ¨Come in and sit down!¨. We had and excellent lesson with her and she later asked us what she had to do to be baptized. All this time she was looking for a way to get baptized in whatever church and her daughter brought us to her.
Then, we found V and M. Really it`s more like we found them again. I had taught them a while ago and they had moved to a different part of my area. One day we were hiking to our area, or in other words going up the steep hill we take to get to our area, and we passed their new house and only waived to them. After, reaching the top of the hill we felt like we should go back down and talk to them and so we did.
We ended up walking with V to her house and she started telling us about all the problems they have had since we stopped teaching.  She told us that she felt confidence to tell us everything that was going on and knew we could help.  We ended up having a lesson with her that was very powerful. Later, we taught the whole family and they are coming to church and getting ready to get baptized together.
I know that when we communicate with our Heavenly Father to ask for our righteous desires he helps us. I know he sees and knows we have the desires to work and so he blesses us. I know when we show him through actions he is willing to not only give, but pour out what we ask him for. I am so grateful for the confidence he has in Hermana B and I to work with such great people who are willing to listen. I know this gospel is true. 

Hermana Baca

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September 1, 2014

As a mission we are working on teaching with more clarity the doctrine of Christ to help those we teach understand and progress. As president Smith says ´´ We have a belief that when people understand the doctrine of Christ they return to church or get baptized and never turn back.´´ The work we are doing changes lives. I testify that when someone understands the doctrine of Christ they repent and come unto Christ. I am able to see this more and more in my mission as I work to understand the doctrine of Christ and teach better. The doctrine of Christ has changed me.
Alma taught is son Corianton the doctrine of Christ. (Alma 39-42) He taught him clearly so that his rebellious son would change his heart and repent. He understood that if he could understand the importance of returning to his Heavenly Father through repentance, he would change. Corianton needed to learn the Doctrine of Christ and his father was a great missionary who took the time to teach him.
When we are rebellious and seek to do our own will we are choosing to be like Corianton. WE CANNOT BE LIKE CORIANTON BECAUSE WE CANNOT RETURN TO OUR HEAVENLY FATHER IN AN UNWORTHY STATE. The consequence of justice takes it´s place making it impossible to return to our Heavenly Father. Although our Heavenly Father is merciful so that we can repent and not face the consequences of the demands of justice.
It´s completely possible through the Atonement to erase of the consequences of Justice. Like Alma says in Alma 42: 23 ´´But God ceases not to be God, and mercy claimeth the penitent, and mercy cometh because of the atonement; and the atonement bringeth to pass the resurrection of the dead; and the resurrection of the dead bringeth back men into the presence of God; and thus they are restored into his presence, to be judged according to their works, according to the law and justice.´´ Our Heavenly Father is so merciful.
I have studied about the Mercy of our Heavenly Father in and out this week. I was surprised to find how many times the Book of Mormon says ´´Misericordia´´ or in English ´´mercy´´. All the prophets in the Book of Mormon have repeated to say so many times that our Heavenly Father is merciful. They pounded that into the scriptures so many times so that we would understand.
It´s like when my mom keeps telling me to clean my room. She repeats it over and over again at times. It´s not that I didn´t understand or hear her though, but she keeps repeating it until I show her that I understood and heard her through my actions. Our Heavenly Father repeats saying the same thing so that we understand and put into action that we understand by repenting.
Through prophets he teaches clearly and repeats what he wants his children to know so that we return. So that we don´t have to face the consequences of justice, because he loves us. As I come to understand the Doctrine of Christ I understand how important I am to my Heavenly Father. Alma wanted to teach Corianton about his importance and then when he finished teaching him he sent his son to declare the doctrine of Christ to others ( Alma 42:31).
I UNDERSTAND the doctrine of Christ better and I feel so very obligated to declare what I know to help others understand. I feel what Alma felt as he taught his son every time I walk into a house. After Alma taught these these he couldn´t even rest and went and taught right along side his sons. Alma 43:1 ´´And now it came to pass that the sons of Alma did go forth among the people, to declare the word unto them. And Alma, also, himself, could not rest, and he also went forth.´´
I don´t want to rest. I know understand why Alma was such a great missionary. I know understand why he didn´t rest. More importantly, I understand why Jesus Christ never rested to teach his doctrine. I understand why he suffered so much for us. I understand the importance of the name I carry and my badge and the sacred calling I have to preach his gospel.
I love my Heavenly Father and savior Jesus Christ. I know they both live and love us. I know that this is the true church that has the fullness of the doctrine that Christ taught. I know the Book of Mormon is true and I know that through the atonement I can return to live with my Heavenly Father again.

Hermana Baca

August 25, 2014

It`s always good being companions with a new missionary because they always have so much energy and excitement to work. My `` hija`` is helping me be a better missionary every week. One of the things she told me last week is that we should get better with the schedule and try teaching more. She had a a good goal and desire. We decided that we would try to have shorter lessons and put a goal every day on how many lessons we wanted every day.

This helped me a lot because one piece of advice my brother gave me after his mission is that we should have short lessons. Short and powerful lessons are the best. The holy ghost can`t be in the same place for a lot of time so if we have 20 minute lessons it allows the spirit to be with us the whole time. We really strive this week to have short lessons.

We prayed a lot to do this with the lessons. Then, during the week we really did meet our goal every day for the amount of lessons. We felt the spirit more during every lesson and we taught more. I felt good as we had success this week with our goal.

Saturday came and we had a lesson with a new investigator who Evangelical. We spent a little time getting to know her and then we were able to adapt the lesson to teach her based on what we knew. The lesson was quick and very guided In the end we invited her to pray. She said she didn`t feel comfortable praying in front of us because she hadn`t prayed in a long time and needed to ask for forgiveness from God in a personal prayer first.

In that moment I felt the spirit guide me so that she would pray. I shared with her an experience. One time a teenager, like all teenagers, I had a quarrel with my mom. We had been ignoring each other and not talking until I cut my finger while cleaning. It had been a deep enough cut that it needed mothers care. I thought `` I need my mom, but she`s mad at me``. In the end I ended up asking her for help. Instead of continuing being mad she helped me.

I explained to G that her Heavenly Father wants to help her. At times we feel unworthy of his help, but no matter what we do wrong. After that she said `` Ok, I`ll pray.`` She said a BEAUTIFUL prayer. I felt the spirit as she began speaking with her Heavenly Father for her needs and to know if the message we had shared was true. The spirit filled the room and she received her answer. In the end she asked us if she could have time to think, because she had no idea what had happened to Joseph Smith. It was amazing.

I really do know that as we look for the guidance of our Heavenly Father when we have righteous desires he guides us and helps us through our prayers. We prayed everyday as a companionship for his help to reach our goal every day, G prayed for what she desired to know in our lesson, and each prayer was answered. I know that the power of our prayers is strong and we should kneel before our Heavenly Father every day for what we need and desire.

Love, Sister Baca

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Feliz cumple a mí compañera!

Feliz Navidad in JULY

A lunch that changed my life

A family from my last ward knew I was going to be at the temple so they came to see me. IT WAS AWESOME!

Familia Laguna

We put our garbage in the trees so dogs don´t eat it, but we came home to a horse eating it. _ç-__- 

You know I´m really sick when I´m willing to take pills. ( first time in years)

How I woke up this morning.

July 14th

We had interviews this week with president and I loved it! He is incredible. Everything he said was absolutely inspired. Everything he said was exactly what we needed, it was exactly what Uruguay needed. It´s what Uruguayans need to wake up.

Satan has a way of putting us into a trap of sleeping where we don´t even realize what we are doing is going to destroy us. President explained it very clear to us and as I was studying in Alma I read about a similar trap Moroni used.

Moroni was fighting for the liberty of his people in a war with the guidance of the Lord. He decided that to trick Laminite guards he would send a trusted lamanite servant of King Malikiah to trick his fellow lamanite guards with wine.

The servant told the guards that all the prisoners of Moroni had escaped and that he had wine for them to enjoy AFTER the war. The guards, being overjoyed with what seemed to be ¨victory¨fell into their unrighteous desires and drank the wine in that momento ( Alma 55:8-13). This was exactly what Moroni wanted when he sent the fellow lamanite prisoner with wine. Then, having fallen into the trap of Moroni they fell drunk, into a profound sleep ( Alma 55:15-16)As they followed sleeping Moroni carried out his plan. He went past the guards and saved his people. Just because the Lamanites trusted a friend who said ¨ Goa head and drink, everything ok.¨

The adversary Works the same. He will send ¨friends¨who will tempt us and say ¨it´s ok!¨ It´s ok to skip church, take a drink, not say your prayers, not read your scriptures, ect. ALL OF WHICH ARE UNRIGHTEOUS DESIRES, AND A TRICK. We get into a routine of not doing these things and just like that, we´re sleeping.

The good thing is that because of the atonement we have the opportunity to STOP sleeping. We can wake up unto God and receive repentance after we fall into Satan's trap. ( ALMA 5:7) That´s what he wants. The Atonement is endless.

I am grateful for the Atonement and the guidance of the scriptures I have to lead me out of the daily traps the adversary puts in front of me. I am grateful for the atonement and the power that´s in it to receive mercy that´s in it. I know that I have a Savior that paid for my sins to give me the opportunity to learn and repent. To fall asleep and wake up.

July 21

To start off Hermana C, who is the wife of the ex-bishop that I wrote about in my letter on June 9th. CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only did she come, but she brought her inactive aunt!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE CAME TO CHURCH! HOY ES EL DIA!!!!! The promise in Doctrine in Covenants 18:15 is true. Yesterday was one of the happiest moments in my life!
I had a dream the other night that I was on a bus home with a bunch of other missionaries who were ending the mission. I started contacting people who were sitting on the bus as I looked out the window I suddenly realized that I was close to home. Upon my realization I immediately burst into tears.
I got off the bus at my house with my whole family waiting outside for me. I stood in front of my house, still crying, with my mom saying “ I don’t want to be here, I don’t want to be here. “ ( but in Spanish) “Yo no quiero estar aquí, yo no quiero estar aquí“. I don’t think I have ever been so heart broken in a dream. Haha I woke up so heartbroken that I wasn't in Uruguay, but luckily for me IM HERE!!!
The joy I find from this work is indescribable. Its hard, but those days that I have like yesterday when I saw Hermana C walk in pay it all off. I know that’s how Jesus Christ feels when someone makes the decision to apply the atonement in their life. All the suffering he went through pays off.
I work in an area where there isn't even one firm member of the church. It was a miracle yesterday when 20 people from my area where sitting in church. 6 of them were investigators and they all came with a less active member from my area. That’s the power of working with members. AHORA ES EL MOMENTO – President Monson. 2013 I am grateful that I can share this joy with these members from Cerro. We are seeing miracles together.
Cerro is waking up! Teaching them using Alma 5:7 and the doctrine of Christ has really made the difference. As a companionship we have had AMAZING lessons filled with the spirit.
One day we went to visit an inactive member that hasn't gone to church in years. I felt the impression to ask him “Hermano, when was the last time you felt the spirit in your life? “ Her then responded saying “ Hermana, Its been a long time“ .We then read Alma 5:7 and explained that he was sleeping and couldn't feel the spirit, but if he wakes up he can have this light in his life again.
 I could feel the spirit so strong as I testified to him. Right in the middle of me speaking he interrupted and said “When you speak you use all your heart. I don’t know what it is about the way you speak, but it’s different. “ I then told him that it wasn't me that made him feel this. I’m just an instrument in the hands of the Lord and what he felt was HIS Heavenly Father giving him the message he needed.
WOW! The spirit was so strong. We ended the lesson with inviting him to make the gospel apart of his life more through prayer, scripture study, and church to feel more of this spirit. When he went to say the closing prayer he couldn't even end, because he was crying so much.
I know my Heavenly Father has so much love for these people. He wants his children to WAKE UP. Their salvation is at risk. He sent his son to save them. I know the atonement is real and we can wake up and never sleep again if we use it. HOY ES EL DIA! 

July 29

Nothing new. Only my companion who I will be TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 4

I am officially a mom AKA trainer in the misión. When I went to look for mi ¨hija¨ my travel plans were so crazy. It all started the night before we left. The secretaries who do all the travel plans didn´t buy the bus tickets in time so there was no space for us to go to Montevideo.  There were 4 sisters who were ending the misión and me. In the end the secretaries found a prívate owned van who makes trips to Montevideo.
 It was super tiny and there were 6 missionaries, 5 with a year and a half worth of stuff, and one mini  van = NO BUENO. It was interesting 10 hour ride and to make it even more interesting the driver was half asleep the whole time. Our zone leader who was sitting next to him didn´t sleep the whole time in fear of his life.
We finally got to Montevideo and I was excited to find mi ¨hija¨. Every time the new missionaries meet their trainers for the first time they put stand all the new missionaries in a line with their eyes shut. After that the trainers come behind them and sing ¨Called to Serve¨. At the end of the song they turn around to see their trainers, but due to the delays in travels I wasn´t there. We turned the corner to the temple and they were all taking pictures. I felt like a mom who missed the first day of kindergarten and started to cry. Haha My poor zone leader who was in the car with me was like ¨No Hermana Baca don´t cry we´ll run so you can meet her!¨ We jumped out of the van ( like an action movie) and I met my ¨hija¨ crying and everything.
In the momento it was super frustrating, but in 10 years its not going to matter HOW I met her whats important is THAT I met her. Really it´s exactly what I wanted. Everyone kept asking me before ¨Do you think she will be latina or gringa?¨and my response was always ¨She has to be Latina from Guatemala because my ¨parents¨in the misión are both from Guatemala. I guessed it! Hermana Barrios from Guatemala.
I couldn´t have asked for a better daughter. We have already seen so many miracles. I know she learned a lot in the MTC because she has applied everything she has learned during the lessons. She extends baptism dates, follows the spirit, and applies everything I try and teach her.
I remember not being able to teach well in the beginning of my misión. I felt like I didn´t have the lessons memorized well enough to teach. That doesn't bother Hermana Barrios, because she is able to follow the spirit in every lesson. Shes great.
Hermana Baca
I remember not being able to teach well in the begi

August 11

I feel so blessed to be in my area and to have so much time to see the changes that have happened in the last few months. I love Artigas, because not only have I been able to see changes in the people, but I have changed a lot here as a missionary. I feel like I´m closer to becoming in the missionary I want to be every day.
We recently started working with an ex-investigator again named Alfredo who is really golden.  He always has questions and I feel like he is more than ready for baptism. One day he started telling us that he sees how the young boys who are always on a street corner whistle at us and bother us. We always tell them ´´hi´´, but never stop to talk. He told us one day that we should stop and help them instead of continuing walking. They were all under the age of 18 and most of them smoke and just sit on the same corner all day.
Man, did I feel bad. My investigator was telling me to do something I should have done a long time ago to be more Christ like. We left his house and it just happened to be that there were about 8 young men on the street corner. Me and my companion both stopped and went to talk to them. We taught them the first lesson right in the street. I am so grateful for the lessons even my investigators teach me every day.
I feel like the more I learn from them the more I am able to learn and serve like Christ. It´s amazing to be able to serve and see miracles like Christ did. I know he really loves and cares about every one of these people. He really is looking for his sheep I see it every day whether it´s young people on the street or references.
We received a reference for the same lady 2 times this week. One from and investigator and one from a member. We went to find the reference and it turned out that she was an inactive member. She has 3 young children with one on the way and recently separated from her husband.
When we entered the house and started teaching I felt like I had been studying for her the whole week. We talked about the purpose of Christ in her like. How he came to save all mankind and complete the will of his father using 3 Nephi 27:13. We read how ´´there was no other way a man could be saved, but only by the atoning blood of Jesucristo. Remember, he came to redeem the world.´´
We explained that we really know her Heavenly Father loves her and wants her to return. Not only did he send his son to help her return, but 2 friends of her gave us her name. Her Savior is really looking for her. Just like the Savior looked for the one lost sheep out of a 100. The will of the father was to save every sheep and we read in Mathew 18 where it says that ¨it´s not the will of the father that one sheep should perish¨.
It was a special visit. I really know that the Lord is searching for every sheep. I feel it and my testimony grows every day that HOY ES EL DIA that the Lord is hastening his work. I know he died and suffered for us and that he loves us.
Hermana Baca

August 18

I have been sick with a cold these last couple of weeks because the weather just can´t seem to make up its mind. One day it will be sunny and warm then the next day it will be a crisp cold with wind. Uruguay weather really tears up an immune system. Even though I have an immune system that doesn´t have the motivation to work, I have the motivation to work.
I feel so much love and concern for the people we have been working with. It´s a lot easier to work unwearyingly when you do it out of love. It´s like a mother who never stops taking care of her children even though she´s sick. This love is the same love the Savior has for his children and how I feel as a representative of Christ working in his place.
Nefi was a great example of this love to help the children of God. He worked unwearyingly to convert the rebellious Nephites. Even though they had treated him badly he still felt worried for the salvation of them. It was because he understood the will of our Heavenly Father that every one of his children returns to live with him.
´´ Blessed art thou, Nephi, for those things which thou hast done; for I have beheld how thou hast with unwearyingness declared the word, which I have given unto thee, unto this people. And thou hast not feared them, and hast not sought thine own life, but hast sought my will, and to keep my commandments.´´ Helaman 10:4
The will of our Heavenly Father is to help his children return. I am here to do the will of my Heavenly Father, because I love him. I worry every Sunday when someone doesn´t come to church, I am sad when I see that someone’s not applying the invitation to read or pray, and at times I even feel stressed for the salvation of my brothers.
Heavenly Father loved us so much that he sent his only son to teach and do HIS will.
´´ And behold, I am the light and the life of the world; and I have drunk out of that bitter cup which the Father hath given me, and have glorified the Father in taking upon me the sins of the world, in the which I have suffered the will of the Father in all things from the beginning.´´ 3 Nephi 11:11
He suffered the price so that all the less actives and investigators in my area could receive salvation. I only have to teach and guide them to help them receive the saving ordinances they need.
I feel my Heavenly Fathers love as I work with them every day. I know he loves each and every one of us that he sends missionaries like Nephi to work unwearyingly to help everyone return. I know I have a redeemer who paid the price of his father to help me. I feel my saviors strength every day as I work. 

Hermana Baca

Saturday, July 5, 2014

President gave us permission to see watch the futbol games when Uruguay plays because no one lets us teach when there´s a game....


Hermana Petein wants to jump too!

 Favorite district ever! 


    Thumbs up for Uruguay!