Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August 25, 2014

It`s always good being companions with a new missionary because they always have so much energy and excitement to work. My `` hija`` is helping me be a better missionary every week. One of the things she told me last week is that we should get better with the schedule and try teaching more. She had a a good goal and desire. We decided that we would try to have shorter lessons and put a goal every day on how many lessons we wanted every day.

This helped me a lot because one piece of advice my brother gave me after his mission is that we should have short lessons. Short and powerful lessons are the best. The holy ghost can`t be in the same place for a lot of time so if we have 20 minute lessons it allows the spirit to be with us the whole time. We really strive this week to have short lessons.

We prayed a lot to do this with the lessons. Then, during the week we really did meet our goal every day for the amount of lessons. We felt the spirit more during every lesson and we taught more. I felt good as we had success this week with our goal.

Saturday came and we had a lesson with a new investigator who Evangelical. We spent a little time getting to know her and then we were able to adapt the lesson to teach her based on what we knew. The lesson was quick and very guided In the end we invited her to pray. She said she didn`t feel comfortable praying in front of us because she hadn`t prayed in a long time and needed to ask for forgiveness from God in a personal prayer first.

In that moment I felt the spirit guide me so that she would pray. I shared with her an experience. One time a teenager, like all teenagers, I had a quarrel with my mom. We had been ignoring each other and not talking until I cut my finger while cleaning. It had been a deep enough cut that it needed mothers care. I thought `` I need my mom, but she`s mad at me``. In the end I ended up asking her for help. Instead of continuing being mad she helped me.

I explained to G that her Heavenly Father wants to help her. At times we feel unworthy of his help, but no matter what we do wrong. After that she said `` Ok, I`ll pray.`` She said a BEAUTIFUL prayer. I felt the spirit as she began speaking with her Heavenly Father for her needs and to know if the message we had shared was true. The spirit filled the room and she received her answer. In the end she asked us if she could have time to think, because she had no idea what had happened to Joseph Smith. It was amazing.

I really do know that as we look for the guidance of our Heavenly Father when we have righteous desires he guides us and helps us through our prayers. We prayed everyday as a companionship for his help to reach our goal every day, G prayed for what she desired to know in our lesson, and each prayer was answered. I know that the power of our prayers is strong and we should kneel before our Heavenly Father every day for what we need and desire.

Love, Sister Baca

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