Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 9, 2014

My ´´hija´´ IS THE BEST COMPANION EVER! We are working so hard together. We have a companionship that is centered around the spirit and I love it! At the end of the week we can both see in the numbers that we have worked hard, but we don`t feel like we worked so hard. Time is just flying by! I love Hermana B.
After having 3 baptisms last week we knew that we needed to find new investigators. We set goals to find new investigators and to have more than 30 lessons for the week. We both prayed for what we desired and work hard together to accomplish it. We have had miracles this week with our lessons and finding new investigators. What surprised me most is how the Lord put those who are prepared to listen to this message in our way. I feel like he literally SENT people to us.
One of the investigator we found this week is G. He is the brother of a investigator M, who got baptized last week. He recently moved in with his mom and when we went and visited we got to know him and taught him the first lesson. He told us how he attended church and listened to the message before. At the end of the lesson I asked him how he felt about Joseph Smith. He told me that he knew it was true and always has known. GOLDEN. After, we felt inspired to extend a baptism date and he accepted. I know he had been prepared to listen to this message.
Later, we were walking down the street when an 8 year old girls ran up to us with her arms opened ready to give us kisses. She started to say ¨Can you visit in my house?¨ Over and over. We went to the window of her house and started to talk to her mom. It had only been seconds when she said ¨Come in and sit down!¨. We had and excellent lesson with her and she later asked us what she had to do to be baptized. All this time she was looking for a way to get baptized in whatever church and her daughter brought us to her.
Then, we found V and M. Really it`s more like we found them again. I had taught them a while ago and they had moved to a different part of my area. One day we were hiking to our area, or in other words going up the steep hill we take to get to our area, and we passed their new house and only waived to them. After, reaching the top of the hill we felt like we should go back down and talk to them and so we did.
We ended up walking with V to her house and she started telling us about all the problems they have had since we stopped teaching.  She told us that she felt confidence to tell us everything that was going on and knew we could help.  We ended up having a lesson with her that was very powerful. Later, we taught the whole family and they are coming to church and getting ready to get baptized together.
I know that when we communicate with our Heavenly Father to ask for our righteous desires he helps us. I know he sees and knows we have the desires to work and so he blesses us. I know when we show him through actions he is willing to not only give, but pour out what we ask him for. I am so grateful for the confidence he has in Hermana B and I to work with such great people who are willing to listen. I know this gospel is true. 

Hermana Baca

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