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Sister Kaylee Baca

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February 11, 2014

It´s Hermana Lopez birthday and it´s our last day together! So sad. It´s going to be weird without her. I am

going to miss my whole district too... For the past three months I have been telling my District Leader, Elder Larrea, he´s from Mexico even though I know he´s from Peru. Not only do I say it, but the whole district too! My new companion is Hermana Cisneros from Argentina and I´m picking her up tomorrow. Wooh!

It´s been another week of rain, rain, and more rain. Everyone here says it´s unusual for it to rain this much in summer though.Besides rain, we did have a baptism this week! And just as our other baptism was crazy, so was this one. The adversary is really working!

The day started with non-stop rain from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M.. I was literally pouring water out of my rain boots. At one point, water was going to flood into our house so we had to get a bucket and pile rocks/dirt in front of our door. Once the rain had stopped we went to go and get the baptism dress. It was more of a swim than walk though. There was water up past our knees. (don´t worry I have pics)

We got the dress and headed to the church. We had already pushed the time back so that Caroline´s parent could make it and we really wanted it to be a good experience not only for her, but her family too. When we got to the church not only were the elders not there yet, but NO ONE from the bishopric. Come to find out the bishop hadn´t asked anyone to come in his place even though he had known about it for 2 weeks. :( We figured it out though! We called Santiago, a member of the ward who had recently returned from his mission, to help us with priesthood and the elders were on their way.

As we waited for everyone to show up we went to go open the baptismal font doors and......the key didn´t work. After trying to figure it out for a half an hour Santiago finally said ¨Lets just take the door off the hinges.¨Bueno! Vamos! So, we took the doors off the hinges. All I was thinking at this point is ¨ Ainu´t nothing stopping us from having this baptism!¨ During this time everyone we needed decided to show up too! Yeah!

We were finally ready. Elder Larrea and Caroline went to get in the water and.... it was blazing hot! Neither one of them could bare getting in it. So we all started filling buckets of cold water and dumping them in the font. Luckily it only took 15 minutes or so for the water to become bearable for the two of them.

Finally, the font was filled with cool water, the doors were open, and everyone was present. Time to have a baptism! Caroline was so excited to be getting in the water. Not only had she waited for this for the past couple hours as we maneuvered past the complications, but for the past four months too!

She had one foot in the water when all of a sudden all the power turned off in the church! I was so calm and patient the whole time, but in that moment I broke out in tears and in English and said aloud ¨You´ve gotta be kidding me.¨ I broke out in tears not because I was mad, but because I was so excited for Caroline. This was her day and her mom actually came! I wanted it to be PERFECT. No matter how much we tried to avoid things going wrong, and we REALLY tried, they still did.

The show went on though! Everyone stood at the font glass holding their phones as flashlights and watched as Caroline made this sacred covenant with her Heavenly Father she had come to know in the past 4 months. It was the perfect the dark. haha I mean really! How many people get to say the were baptized in the dark! It was actually quite funny. We were all laughing about it as we closed the church and walked out. In fact, it got more funny. As we were literally locking the gate door to the church, ALL the power came back on. The adversary has a sense of humor. ;)

I love Caroline. I am so proud of the progress she had made and for her decision to get baptized. I wish everyone could meet this little girl and listen to her talk about how she lives the gospel, and knows it´s true! Her parents are never willing to listen to us, but I believe it´s because Caroline is ALWAYS being a little missionary and telling them everything she knows. She always tells them to come listen to us. I also constantly hear her say things like ¨Mom, you need to come to church.¨

I know this church is Christ restored church on the earth today. I know how much Heavenly Father wanted Caroline to enter the waters of baptism in order for her to return to him one day. I know it, and that´s all I´m trying to do. I´m just trying to be an instrument in Heavenly Fathers hands to help his children make these saving covenants, because HOY ES EL DIA! The Lords hastening his work.

Love you and miss you all!

Hermana Baca

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