Monday, February 3, 2014

So not much going on this week.

It´s been raining lots, we have a broken toilet, and I really don´t want to have transfers next week. HERMANA LOPEZ CAN´T LEAVE ME!!! NOOOOOOOOO. It will be fine though. My zone leaders did interviews with us and during my interview they asked if I was ready to leave my trainer....... I ignored their question because I felt like crying. hahaha

In other news, WE HAVE A PET! It´s soooo against the rules, but it´s not our fault. So here´s the story.....

During studies the other day I decided to look in our cabinet for a book. I couldn´t see the top shelf so I pulled my chair up to the cabinet to get a better look. As I looked through the cabinet I could feel Hermana Lopez gaze on me and all I could think was ¨What! Hasn´t she ever seen someone short use a chair to reach.¨ I continued looking and then I decided to see what was on the top of the cabinet. My eyes creeped over to the only thing that sat at the top of the cabinet. A jar. I saw 2 little animal hands and before I could examine the jar any further Hermana Lopez bursted out and said ¨Don´t look at it!¨ All I could say, being a little creeped out, was ¨WHAT. IS. THAT.?!?!¨ Hermana Lopez didn´t remember how to say the name of the animal in English, but she preceded to tell me what it was doing there.

For the past 10+ years only elders have lived in this house. ( That itself should explain why there was an animal in a jar left in the house, but I´ll finish.) It wasn´t until a few months ago that they put sisters in the area. So when the sisters moved in, in August the elders had put the animal in the cabinet to scare them. Instead of throwing it out like they should have, they kept it there. Hermana Lopez had told them to take care of it, but... that never happened. Entonces! There´s a pet armadillo sitting in a jar, in my house! SICK!!!!!! I told the elders who put it there to come and take care of it, because neither of us will touch it. NASTY!

San Fernando is great! The members really took care of me yesterday. 4 cakes later....I´m still stuffed! Members came and decorated the house and had planned a breakfast before they realized it was fast Sunday. haha My 20th birthday went down as the best birthday in history. Now we have this whole week to celebrate Hermana Lopez birthday too.

To end the 19th year of my life I finished The Book of Mormon again! Just as I challenge all my investigators and members to do, I prayed to know it is true. I know it´s true and I receive the same answer EVERY time. It´s crazy to think that ONE book can help you with all aspects of your life and all you have to do is read it and ask if it´s true. So many people NEED this message of the Book Of Mormon to help them in their lives. And that´s why I´m here. I testify of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. I know It´s true, I know it´s the words of our Heavenly Father, and I know that this is Christ church. This is the same church Christ established when he lived and It´s been established on the earth again through latter day prophets. I love the Book of Mormon and more so I love my Savior.

I love you and miss you all! Go and spread the word of this because... HOY ES EL DIA! The Lord is hastening his work and the ones who have the knowledge of his gospel are the ones to spread it.

Love, Hermana Baca

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