Saturday, July 5, 2014

I don´t always remember what I dream about, but Hermana Cisnero has been great about telling me about what I talk about in my sleep. Apparently I have been extending a lot of compassion to my investigators. The work is going good in my dreams ;). In reality it is going good too. We have been seeing miracles in Cerro!

There is a young couple that have been taking the discussions for years now and everyone in there whole family got baptized, but them because they are nott married. We had stopped teaching them for 2 months after they had stopped progressing, but one Sunday Marcos showed up to church alone, white shirt, all his church books, and ready to learn. It was a MIRACLE.

When we asked him what had changed he told us that when he was attending church everything was going good, but when he stopped he lost his job, their health was bad, and everything wasn´t the same. It took a while for him to figure out maybe it was because he wasn´t going to church. After he realized that he decided he was going to church EVERY Sunday. Not only because he wanted to feel the same, but because he wants to raise his son in the church too.

He had been coming to church and listening to the discussions ever since. What´s an even bigger miracle is that the other day he asked us ¨ When can we get married so we can get baptized?¨ so, we went to set a date for marriage and baptism. The whole family was in church Sunday PLUS his inactive mom. It has been a miracle working with them!

If I could write all the miracles I´ve seen these past couple of weeks I would, but there´s no time. haha It has been amazing. When Hermana Jordan and I started only working in Cerro it was hard. We had seen lots of trial and the adversary as plans when into action to help Cerro progress. Although, we would always say ¨ One day Cerro is going to explode!¨ HOY ES EL DÍA for Cerro. It is REALLY exploding and It´s not only in my dreams. I am so grateful I have the opportunity to see these miracles taking place in this part of the Lords vineyard


Love, Hermana Baca

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