Friday, November 1, 2013


  I realized that today was Halloween yesterday. I'm am so out of this world right now! The other day I saw a kid was weird. I'm LOCO CRAZY!

   I studied my brains out this week! My district has a lot of fun, almost too fun. We don't get a lot of studying done, but I made the goal this week to study harder. In fact, while everyone took a nap this afternoon I studied! I also prayed to understand the language more. Here's how my prayer was answered... My companion and I went to a random classroom to use the computers and another districts teacher was in there studying. Before he left he asked how our Spanish was going and I responded ( as I always do) " NO BUENO!" He then asked what I had been studying recently and I was telling him (In spanish! So proud!) how Reflexives were blowing my mind! He then gave us a quick lesson on reflexives even though it was 9 and I'm sure he wanted to be home. I am slowly becoming PRO at reflexives. My favorite line he taught me was " You can't LE LO in Mexico." Hopefully, anyone who's had to learn Spanish understands that. I have repeated it 20 times today and no one in my district understands how AWESOME it is. 

   I LOVE MY MTC TEACHERS!!!! Hermano Zivic's dad is in the 70. ( Just found that out!) and MARK MY WORDS! Hermano Bullock is going to be an Apostle one day! They are both amazing! 

   Last Thursday we had a lesson on prayer and for a district that is very rambunctious you could hear a pin drop in our classroom! The spirit was so strong! He talked about how it is so important to take time and kneel in prayer every morning and night. He challenged all of us to find a quiet spot at 10:15 every night and " Go to the Throne". Going to the throne means when you kneel to prayer act as if you are literally at the throne before God and speaking to him. After that lesson 10:15 rolled around in our apartment and instead of talking... SILENCE. I pray in my closet every night, but now I go to the throne in my closet every night. In fact, the other night I was in the shower and I realized it was getting close to 10:15 and I yelled " I'M GOING TO BE LATE TO THE THRONE!"  It was really funny haha It is the favorite part of my day! You should all try it if you haven't. I promise you will never have a stronger relationship with God.

   The other day my companion and I had THE BEST lesson EVERRRRRRRRRRR with our investigator! We had planned a whole lesson and then when we got in there we ended up not using ANY of our lesson we had planned. We also spoke Spanish the ENTIRE time. After the lesson Hermano Bullock broke out of acting like the investigator and just said "WOW". He said we could learn so many lessons from that lesson. We committed our "investigator" to baptism. I was nervous at first, because I really brought down the hammer on him. We had been the 8th or 9th set of missionaries he had met with. I was tired of teaching lessons to him that I KNEW he had already heard so I simply said " Constantino, why do you keep inviting the missionaries into your home? I know you have felt the spirit testify to you these things are true and I know this, because if you didn't know you would have stopped having the missionaries over a long time ago." Either he would be like " You're right!" or.... he's be like " Get out of mi casa now!" I never know with Constantino! haha It went really well. His date is set for November.

   The MTC isn't my favorite, but I am enjoying it better now! Last week my teacher asked me to say en espanol what one of my favorite things about the MTC was and all I could say was " Me gusta el agua." I was serious. I do like the water here! It's not like gross Vegas water haha. It was so funny! 

   This campus is now an ALL spanish speaking campus. I feel like everyone I meet says they're going to Mexico. One thing you should know about this campus is that if you have never seen Nacho Libre and you come here. Half the time you will have no idea what everyone is making fun of. EVERYONE quotes Nacho Libre. 

  Some of my districts favorite things to say in espanol are...

1. Que en el mundo?!?!?! = What in the world?
3. Diable = Satan ( the elders call me satan because I'm very sarcastic and they don't get it.)
5. Gymnasio Tiempo! = Gym Time!

   We also have a handshake that's really long and awesome! We're not allowed to give high fives here so it's just a very complicated hand shake. 

   We also have VERY INTENSE games of four square at gym time in our zone. #MTCprobs
   The food here is no bueno. I live off of the salad bar, fruit, and bagels. The other day I spit out a strawberry Jolly Rancher ( It was really nasty. Don't try it.) And one of the elders was like " You spit out everything!" NOT TRUE. I spit out Pumpkin Soup (GAG) earlier that day and that was it. I have found other people here that don't like the food, but as far as my district goes....they all think I'm LOCO and the pickiest eater ever.

   I miss you all! Thanks for all the letters! I am trying really hard to write back so if you haven't heard from me I promise I am working on it!

Love, Hermana Baca

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