Monday, November 11, 2013


  This is about to be the MOST boring letter ever! This week was so lame.

   I found a way to get the mail so I don't have to chase the elders around for it.... Make friends with the mail people! They even know me by name so all I have to do is walk in and they say " Oh! Sister Baca you got a letter from ___ or you got a package from ____." They're my BFFS here in the MTC.

   I tried a DAY of consecration where I only speak spanish the whole day....Yeah, that was over by dinner time. Especially because I was the only one doing it and everyone else would speak english. Tonight my whole district starts consecration WEEK........PRAY FOR US.

   I have been marking up my scriptures like crazy and I spent a lot of time developing my own scripture marking method. Some of you are probably going " Ummm ok? Why is she telling me this?" Well my friends, I am SO VERY PROUD OF IT! I even made this awesome key, got it laminated, and I walked around showing it to EVERYONE one day. This is the life I'm livin', I get excited over a scripture key. #missionaryprobs

   Our whole district is burnt from studying for 16 hours a day. Last night we spent a good half an hour just sitting there all staring off in silence. It's a hard life we're livin'.

   My companion, Hermana Reed, has a laser pointer she bought to the MTC. I LOVE THIS TOY! haha Every night when all the missionaries are walking back to the dorms I mess around with it so much! All the elders are like dogs chasing the light. I'm pretty much pro at hiding it too. #getonmylevel. All the elders in my district took a couple days to realize it was me and every night they see it they make sure to point out it's me -__- Punks. haha There are so many people that I see in the cafeteria who call me " laser girl". I have fun here.

   The other funny thing that happened this week is we sisters decided to take some elders in our districts Mexican flag they have hanging off the porch by their dorm. They look for it POR DIAS. In the end we gave it back and we all love each other now, but I think the elders were a little salty that the sisters ACTUALLY pulled a prank on them.

   We have a new district of elders in our zone and they love to role play door visits. (Door visits are when a teacher acts like an investigator and the missionaries go and knock on their door and try to share a gospel message with them.)( " It's for fun" *in a nacho libre voice*) Soooooo Elder Taysom did one the other day and IT WAS HILARIOUS! Here's what happened:

   One of the teachers was acting as an investigator named "Carlos" and Elder Taysom and his companion were to go visit him and share a message. When elder Taysom got to the door and "Carlos" answered elder Taysom goes: " HOLA CARLOS! HOW ARE YOU!?!?!?!" and walked right into his house...."Carlos" freaked out and was like " Hey! Get out of my house!?!?" in spanish and elder Taysom had NO IDEA what he was saying so he just kept saying "BUENO!, BUENO!" So then "Carlos" ask " How do you know my name?" And Elder Taysom goes " Uhhhhhh...Jesus?" hahahahahaha The teacher finally stopped trying to keep the act up and everyone was laughing so hard!

   I lOVE my zone and I especially LOVE my district! I have THE BEST teachers you could ever get in the MTC. MARK MY WORDS Hermano Bullock will be an apostle one day! They are the BEST.

   Elder Carlos Godoy, from the 70, spoke to us at a devotional the other night and it was one of the best talks I've ever heard. He talked about his conversion story. He talked about how when he listened to the sister missionaries he went home and was telling his parents with the BIGGEST excitement ( He was strangling the microphone when he said this part) " JESUS CHRIST CHURCH IS RESTORED ON THE EARTH AGAIN! IT WAS GONE AFTER HE LEFT BUT NOW IT'S BACK! IT'S RESTORED!!!!!" and all his parents said was " yeah, yeah we've heard about it just like all the others." The only thing is....... ITS TRUE! I know with all my heart and soul that this church is true! It's restored! I know this is Jesus Christ one and only church he once came to earth to establish. It's restored today! 

   Well, that's it for this week. I love you and miss you all! Thanks for all the love, prays, letters, support, packages, ect. 

Love, Hermana Baca

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