Friday, December 6, 2013

 I love the field a million times more than anywhere else! I love the people, the culture, the matte, ALL OF IT! Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he sent me here. I am not a touchy feely person and the first couple days I was so done with the kisses! Now I really don´t care. 

  The food is more manageable. I´m still not willing to put mayo on everything like they do but that´s ok. I´ve learned to eat slow so that they won´t keep bringing more when I´m done. They don´t understand ¨Only a little more¨. EVERY TIME I get a whole plate full again. Even if you think the meals over.....It´s not. They also love to have this coffee type beverage (without caffeine), Bun (bread), and dulce le leche (I don´t like it) at the end of every meal! And whenever you visit too! 

   Tomorrow we are having Oreos at our district meeting. I'VE NEVER BEEN SO EXITED FOR OREOS!

   On Saturday I don´t know what made me so sick from the night before but I was so sick! My body was ache all over and I had the worst stomach ache. Luckily we didn´t have any lessons that day because we had an event called ¨ El Central de Visitarse¨ It´s where we open up the church and hold tours. When one of the mission leaders came to get us to go they told me to just stay in bed. Later, that night I got a blessing from elder Dietrich and the next day I was fine! I went to all my lessons and church the next day. No problems! Luckily it wasn´t a day where we had people to go see and appointments.

   I was especially happy I was well enough to go to church. I saw miracles! Here, it´s hard to get the members to go to church here because EVERYONE is related in some way or another and EVERYONE has a problem with someone. It´s a small town. We invited many to come to church during the week and most of them said they would, but that happens all the time and they always end up not coming. Yesterday though MANY came! It was a good fast Sunday! 

 1. Hermana Olga hasn´t been to church in 6 YEARS. During the week we visited her and she was really mean. Something must have got through to her though because she was in sacrament meeting!
2. Hermana Martinez and her son. I talked about her husband last week in my letter. He didn´t come :/ BUT 2 out of 3 is awesome!!!!
3. Mario is not a member and his wife is inactive. They are not married but they´re whole family was they´re yesterday! And they told me they have been praying as a family like I told them to! Vamos ARRIBA!
4. Hermano Fertado hasn´t been to church in years! His wife and oldest son do go to church though. We gave them a goal to have their family sealed in the temple. HERMANO FERTADO AND AN INACTIVE SON CAME! His son said he talked to his active brother and really wanted to change. YEAH!
5. A girl who was baptized a year ago and never came after randomly showed up! We have an appointment with her (which is hard to get). Everyone was so surprised to see her!
6. Hermana Susana has a lot of health problems and hardly comes. Her daughter wants to serve a mission though and she secretly came and told us she is taking our challenge to read the scriptures 10 minutes a day and is trying to get her mom to. They both came on Sunday!

Last but not least
7. Estavan. HE IS SOOO CAPO. He was baptized two week ago by his brother who was baptized a few months before him. When they talk about the light of Christ being in people. Estavan, is the definition of that. He is so faithful and happy! Yesterday we went to visit his aunt so she could help us go teach a lesson. All of his cousins and siblings were watching TV and Estavan was sitting on the bed with them reading the For Strength of Youth pamphlet. He said ¨It´s the Sabbath day¨ He´s awesome!

Everything's great! I love it here.

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