Wednesday, December 25, 2013


It´s Christmas! It doesn´t feel that way though haha Today we got to watch two movies to celebrate Christmas Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University. I loved it! It made me so trunky though...

   I am so blessed to be in this area for Christmas. The members are great! We have so many families that invited us over for Christmas. One member we are visiting tomorrow who I love is Hermana Costa aka ¨Mami¨. She seriously makes us call her Mami and if we don´t she gets mad. She LOVES missionaries. Every time we come over she says ¨You´re having lunch at my house tomorrow!¨ She says that as an order not a question. She´s funny :) The other day we went to her house and we really needed to talk to her, but she wasn´t answering the door. We got closer to the house and all we could hear was the TV so we figured she couldn´t hear us because it was too loud and she was sleeping. We decided to go in, turn off the TV, and then knock again. The whole time we were laughing and she was oblivious as to what was so funny. She also calls me ¨Hermana Cabeza de Vaca¨ (Sister Head of a Cow) because I told her where my last name came from and the story behind it and now that´s was she calls me! She´s too funny and really takes good care of us.

   Another family is the Santa Maria´s. The mother is a single parent with 13 kids. They´re house is CRAZY! Here, people celebrate Christmas starting on the 24th and their parties continue through the 25th. We are going to their house both days! I am so excited! We plan on acting out the Nativity with all the kids and we are going to surprise them by having another member bring their sheep over. ( I´m a little fearful for the sheep. I´m not lying when I say they are crazy!). 

   One miracle I´ve seen this Christmas is when on of the Santa Maria kids started talking to me. She HATES the missionaries and is always rude to us, but at the ward activity on Saturday she actually came! ALL of the Santa María´s came! They showed up late and didn´t bring plates or utensils (here people bring their own things to eat with at parties) so me and Hermana Lopez ran to the store and bought some for them. After we did that she talked to me the whole night! She even came to church the next day! 

   The reason I love this family so much and I am so excited to spend most of this holiday with them is because they have nothing and they are so happy! They are gratefully for anything they get and you can really feel how genuine and grateful they are that we come visit them. 

   Everyone always ask if I am sad that I´m not home for Christmas, but I would be so selfish if all I thought about was how I´d rather be home then helping these people. Christmas isn´t about me and what I want. It´s a celebration of the start of Jesus Christ life who lived and gave his life for me. What better gift could I give then spending my time hear teaching his message and helping others to follow him. I challenge everyone to find some way to give a gift to Jesus Christ this Christmas.


Love, Hermana Baca

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