Monday, April 21, 2014

Fun news this week:

- I sang a solo in church for Easter Sunday. ( I know you´re all thinking ¨ You sing???¨. Yeah, I don´t but with lots of practice and the other Sisters, I did it!)

- I´m use to giving hugs to everyone and automatically tried to give a boy a hug the other day.... then freaked out like an awkward little girl.

- After freaking out, I also threw an egg I had in my hand at him. ( by accident.)

That about sums it up.

I am just loving this work. Teaching has become one of my favorite things to do. I love being able to feel and follow the spirit. I know the Lords right next to me teaching these people. It´s just a glimpse of what it felt like to live with him and I know I lived with him. My purpose as a missionary is to help others feel and remember this too and I love doing it.

One of the strongest tools to help others feel that same spirit to help them remember what we can´t is through members. When we teach investigators and less actives with members the spirit is able to testify stronger.

Wednesday, we went out with members all day. The spirit we had with us this day, was special. It was the best day of my whole mission. L, was one of the members we had for the whole morning. She was able to testify in every lesson, and she did it with power. I know she touched the hearts of these people and it strengthened her too. Right before leaving, she couldn´t stop hugging us and thanking us for the wonderful experience. She also said ¨ Now, I´m at your availability when you need me.¨ She needed that experience.

We had the spirit with us all day and I know it was because of the members. Toward the end of the day we had a lesson planned in the church for an investigator and her inactive family. The plans quickly changed though when the investigator couldn´t come, but her aunt said she would still come with her boyfriend. Then, the member we had, cancelled on us.

I was a little discouraged, but I was so grateful for the spirit we had. We both felt prompted that we needed to change our lesson plan. The only thing was is that I felt strongly about one lesson and Hermana J felt strongly about an other. So what did we do? Prayed! Within 3 minutes before they arrived we planned a mix of our 2 lessons.

We didn´t have a member, but we did have the spirit STRONGLY with us, because of the testimonies of the other members we had felt during the day. It was a lesson completely guided by the spirit. It was the Lords lesson. I know it didn´t work out how we had planned, but it worked out the way he planned it to be. It was what they needed to hear and now they are going with us today to start the marriage process, to prepare for the temple.

Investigators, less actives, and even strong members need spiritual experiences to progress, to remember what they know to be true. It´s so important that they experience this and what other greater way than through these missionary discussions.

I know my Heavenly Father knows this too. That´s why he gave us the revelation through a prophets words that ¨ Now is the moment that members and missionaries work together in the Lord´s vineyard. I feel the love he has for each person when we are sitting in a lesson teaching together. I I feel like when he gave us this revelation that it was his cry saying ¨please work with the missionaries, because it´s the only way to strengthen all parts of my vineyard. Member or no member. My children NEED to feel this.¨

I know this is my Heavenly Fathers work. I know that I lived with him once before and I´m going to live with him again. I can´t wait for that day. There´s no way to describe how you feel when you help the children he loves come closer to him.


Love, Hermana Baca

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