Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Bad News: Hermana Lopez and I can´t get through a song without laughing, never fall asleep quick due to talking, and are enjoying our companionship too much. She´s great and she is such a mom. Today, when we went to buy groceries she had me get yogurt because she thinks I´m not getting enough Calcium....Thanks mom!

I´m really getting sad that the times going by fast. I love this area, my comp., and my zone so much! The only bad thing is that the elders ate ALL our ice cream. Little punks. haha ( I just found that out and I´m still a little salty about it.) It´s ok though because I give them a hard time about EVERYTHING. Neither of the elders speak English and they always try to learn from me and talk to me in English. Elder Larrea is the district leader and is trying to learn the new gringos name. It´s Farnsworth and really hard for him to say. So I have him practice saying it every time we talk and I told him to pronounce its FARKSworth. It´s hilarious and I can´t wait to go to our district meeting tomorrow and hear him call him it. That´s what he gets for eating all the ice cream! haha  

I spoke in church yesterday. And yes the talk was in SPANISH. I didn´t know I was speaking until the day before when our mission leader asked how my talk was coming along. I guess he had told me earlier in the week but I didn´t catch that part in his Spanish! He´s one of the harder people to understand and he just assumes I know everything he´s saying. I had Hermana Lopez sit behind me just in case I needed help with translation. The only time I turned around for help is when I wanted to quote the speaker before me and I didn´t remember his name. It ended up being one of the best talks ever though! It wasn´t my message or about how well I spoke it was the message Heavenly Father wanted  them to hear. I knew from the start when I started stressing out about it that the only way it was going to go well is if the spirit was speaking, not me. The whole day I prepared all I kept asking was to have Heavenly Fathers help in delivering what they needed to hear. Plus, I learned so many things from the talk as I was GIVING it and I prepared it! I know it was Heavenly Fathers message not mine and somehow through my broken Spanish he gave the message that was needed.

We had our baptism on Friday for R who is a member of a semi active family. IT WAS THE MOST STRESSFUL NIGHT OF MY LIFE! When we found out that we had interviews with our zone in a different area the day before the baptism Hermana Lopez started stressing out and I didn´t understand why. All she kept saying was ¨You have no idea Hermana Baca. Baptism days are so stressful.¨ Then when we were at the zone meeting and all the elders found out that we had a baptism that day, they kept saying ¨Oh you need to get back to your area. Baptism days are crazy.¨ The assistance even ended up driving us back as soon as we were able to go. And when we got home that´s when it all started. 

 We had left the baptism dress at the conference and we were suppose to meet sisters at a bus stop so they could do a quick hand off to us. The only thing is a sister had prepared lunch for us over a mile away and since we didn´t eat with her due to the meeting she told us to come pick it up to go. When we finally made it to her house she had the whole table set up for us to eat, not just pick it up and go. And she persistently INSISTED we eat. So we ate fast knowing that we had to be at the bus stop and ran to the bus stop after. When we saw the buses pulling up we and we were FEET from the bus stop my backpack came open and EVERYTHING fell out. ( I´m sure it was a show for everyone watching on the streets.) The bus kept going as we picked everything up and we JUST missed it. Then Hermana Lopez and I were sitting at the bus stop catching our breath and something magnificent happened! The sister came running towards us waving the dress in her hand from the bus pulled over on the side of the road a ways down the road. RELIEF mixed with a lot of laughter from us. haha

We shouldn´t have laughed though because it was over then! We went to go pick up R to find out that her mom had decided to go out of town for the day and NO ONE knew when she would be back. GREAAAATTTTTT. On top of that R, who loved us and would always love being with us, did NOT want to go to the church. AND her brother who was suppose to baptize her ended up having to work. All I could think was PORQUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We ended up getting a hold of her mom who said she was on her way, R then decided she would come to the church if her mom took her, and we got a hold of her cousin to baptize her. After all this the only step left was to have the baptism. Easy right? No.

We got to the church and the baptism was suppose to start at 7 BUT R still wasn´t there and in order for a baptism to take place you should have a member of the bishopric and primary. The bishop forgot and didn´t send anyone else to take his place and the primary president did the same.  So our mission leader ended up getting a hold of one of the counselors and teachers for us and they both showed up right before the baptism. In the middle of all this chaos.... our phone died, the elders for got the baptism clothes for E, the family took forever to come, and so many more little things.

The good news is R was baptized at 8:40 at night and all the stress was worth it. I NOW understand why everyone was saying baptism days are crazy. The adversary worked so hard to prevent her baptism. This is seen by all the missionaries not just this time. It taught me just how IMPORTANT baptisms are. If the adversary is working REALLY hard you know it´s REALLY important. ¡ HOY ES EL DIA! We have to hasten the Lords work no matter how hard the adversary is hastening his work too.

Love, Hermana Baca

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