Sunday, January 26, 2014

Newest letter....

From Sister Kaylee Baca....

I no longer have Hermana Lopez as a companion. I have Hermana Alba. One day at lunch a little girl kept calling Hermana Lopez, Hermana Alba and when Hermana Lopez would correct her she would say ¨NO! It´s Hermana ALBA.¨ Even when she said the prayer she said ¨Thank you for Hermana Baca and...... Hermana Alba.¨So All week I´ve been calling my companion Hermana Alba and she is so use to it now that she actually replies.

The Spanish is picking up REAL quick. I´m really starting to love the language and being able to communicate. Not only do I understand almost everything, but according to 2 little 10 year old girls I know English, Spanish, German, Tongan, Chinese, Japanese, ¨African¨, and much more. The little girls started asking me how to say words in English and it went from ¨How do you English?¨ To ¨How do you say.... in Chino (Chinese)¨So I made up chines words and spoke like I knew Chinese. After that things just escalated from there. The asked me about Africa and I made clicking noises and then Tonga and I used words like ¨mahalo¨and ¨aloha¨. So just so everyone knows, if you need to know how to say something in another language I can be your google translate. ( At least they think so ;) )

My Spanish is definitely not perfect and I still mess up every now and then. In fact, the other day I asked the little boy who lives in front of us if he was hot.... as in hot from the weather. I said ¨Tiene calor¨Which translated into ¨Are you warm?¨ and after that he said yes and ran inside before I could finish talking to him. I thought it was weird that he ran inside but didn´t think much of it. A few minutes later when we were in our house he came to the door with a colored pencil..... ¿ QUE EN EL MUNDO? ...... He thought I said ¨tiene color¨ not ¨tiene cAlor¨ and that I had asked for a colored pencil. It was really funny.

We are working hard. We have 2 baptisms on Friday! Wooh! I am so happy for both of these investigators. SO happy. It´s a little bitter sweet though because that means we lose them as investigators and now they´ll be members come Friday, but I would definitely much rather call them members.

I got to see my ¨cousin¨, Hermana Sorenson from the MTC. She´s pretty sick so just pray for her. I don´t want her to leave Uruguay. As for the work. We´re definitely working. This week flew by. Miss you all!

Love, Hermana Baca

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