Sunday, June 1, 2014

May 19th letter
I know I´m going to come home with lots of stories to tell my kids, but for some reason this week was FULL of stories.

One morning, as we were walking to our area a dog started following us. There are dogs everywhere in the streets here, but this one didn´t leave us alone like the rest so, we named it. ¨Elder¨ followed us everywhere that morning. We would go into a house for a lesson and then elder would patiently wait for us outside.

Every time there were lots of dogs all the other dogs would come running and barking, because Elder was in there territory. Every time this happened we just kept moving along, because it was the usual. Although, when we were leaving the area one dog was VERY unhappy. We kept walking like before, but he came up and bit me on the leg!
I was so surprised! Hermana Jordan and I only talk in Spanish, but when this happened I didn´t have time to think in Spanish. I yelled ¨It bit me!¨ in English. I looked down at my tights and could see blood and a little rip. I know if I didn´t have thick tights on it would have been a lot worse, so I am so grateful for those tights!
We went down to a members house and fixed up my leg. ALL of the members have been concerned. We´ve had calls asking about my leg. haha I think it´s hilarious though!
And that´s my story of when I got bit by a dog.
Love, Hermana Baca

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