Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I´ve now been with my COMPLETELY Spanish speaking companion for almost 3 weeks now and I am understanding a ton more! In the MTC I prayed for a Latin America companion when I got to Uruguay so that I would be forced to speak more and learn faster. I got what I wanted! Hermana Lopez was from Guatemala BUT she know English.... perfectly. This last change I was more specific and now I am learning tons. Everything happens for a reason. I know Heavenly Father knew what I needed not what I wanted and I needed that English from Hermana Lopez my first few months. He knows me better than I do.

I understand more, but there are still things I have a hard time with. For example, every time my companion tells a joke. she tends to speak faster and starts laughing before the joke is over, which makes it really hard for me to understand. I just smile, laugh, and nod. I wander if she's caught on to the fact that I don´t understand 70% of her jokes. The same goes for me too though! Somethings I think are funny and while I´m laughing I´m sure she´s thinking ¨I don´t get what this American is laughing at.¨ We´re having a good time though!

This week we got to got to the temple as a zone. It was my first time here in Uruguay and my first time in Spanish! Luckily, they did have English translation if needed. I ended up asking for English near the end after I tried my hardest to do it all in Spanish. After when I was walking with President Smith he said ¨I´m sure those workers were all surprised when, you out of all the missionaries, asked for English.¨ It´s true, with my name and looks I fit right in!

Then, at lunch my companion and I were talking with one of President Smiths daughters and at the end of the conversation she asked me where I was from and when I said Las Vegas she was so surprised! She said she never would have thought I spoke English. During this temple day I learned that I am fitting in more and more with the Latin American missionaries than the American ones.

That day was so great! I love my mission president and his wife so much! HOY ES EL DIA! Remember to go out with the missionaries and help them look for those who need the gospel.

Love, Hermana Baca

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