Thursday, March 20, 2014

This week I got to have a sleepover! Ok... not exactly. We did divisions for a day and I got to work in a different area where 4 sisters live in 1 house. How fun! Hermana Nielson an dI did a lot of walking. In their area people aren´t as open to listening to us. Needless to say I got a lot of sun, mosquito bites, and blisters that day.

That day I was studying the story of Jesus and the lost lamb in the bible. Jesus had 10 lambs and even though he had 100 to watch out for he noticed 1 was missing. If it were me, the natural man in me would have come out and said ¨I have 99 others, 1 less won´t matter.¨To him, it DID matter. So he went and looked. I imagine in his search it wasn´t easy. Maybe he too got a lot of sun, mosquito bites, and blisters. He kept searching though, because like the scripture says ¨Every soul is great in the sight of God.¨

So, if he cares, I care. Maybe more often than not we spend our days doing more walking than teaching. During these times is when I learn to put off the natural man in me and learn to love like he does. Everyday i feel a little more of the same love he has as I keep working with a sunburn on my face, itchy legs, and throbbing blisters.

I learn so much about my Savior each and everyday day. I am so grateful for the trust the Lord has in me to so such an important work. I know I´m doing the work of salvation. I know that I am set apart as a representative of him by the authority of God to go and find his sheep. I try everyday to live worthy of that title and work as he would.

I love you and miss you all!

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