Monday, March 9, 2015

February 26, 2015

These past couples of weeks have been fun and busy. By the end of last week I was sick. I didn`t have too much energy and felt a little down. Although I wasn`t feeling to well I tried to keep working and prayed that I could get back to my usual way of working.
It`s cool to see the Lord answer prayers. Hermana GalvĂ n was heading back to Artigas on Monday night and was giving me feedback before she left. She helped me understand the importance of trusting in the Lord during hard times. She explained to me the importance of not only learning and studying the scriptures, but putting what I know into practice. It was great advice and it helped me to have a stronger desire to never become desanimado.
 As she was telling me that we received a phone call from the secretaries saying that I would be going to pick up the new missionaries from the airport. My body was overtaken by excitement when I heard that! They told us that we would not only get to pick them up, but that we would get to be with them until they met their trainers. All I kept thinking was what a privileged.
The next day we headed to pick them up. I don`t know why, but just being in the presence of new missionaries gives you energy. They are so excited to learn everything and get to work. We spent the day in trainings, listening to president, and we ended the day in a baptism. If I didn`t have energy before, by the end of the day my spirit was so lifted.
At the end of the night I just felt so blessed and like I had received light, not only light of excitement, but light of revelation. That night I was thanking President Smith for such the big privilege it had been. He told me that it`s a privilege because I had worked so hard and the Lord always blesses us for our obedience.
At times I do feel a little discouraged, but the Lord always has a way of showing me that he is pleased and helps me keep working. I am grateful for the tender blessings of the Lord and that we can start this new change with a new energy. I testify of Christ and that he loves us. I know if we trust in his strength to keep us going, he won`t let us down.
Hermana Baca

Picking up the new missionaries! 

New parents!

We just love spending time with Presidente and Hermana Smith

Only in Uruguay would you find a sign like this on the bus. 

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