Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015

Next week I will have 18 months in the mission. I feel like I´m a senior in high school again. You know top of the class, you know how to do the whole high school thing, and you’re getting ready for the new exciting things that come next. It´s not only that I feel that way, but it looks that way too, all my shoes are dead, and I´ve been carrying around a torn up backpack for the last month. Every time someone says ´´ Hey your backpacks opened! ´´ I say ´´ Hey! It´s always opened! ´´.
Last week I finally decided to switch my backpack out to a side bag I have so I transferred all my pamphlets, pass along cards, chap stick, scriptures, ect to the other bag. A couple days after I decided to transfer everything I was packing up my bag to head out and I decided that I wouldn´t need my wallet that day.
Well it´s a good thing I switched bags and didn´t have a wallet on me because after walking just a block from our house two guys on a motorcycle snuck up behind us and robbed me. ( Okay, mom I know you´re freaking out right now but no worries). Luckily, the just snatched my bag and drove away. I was grateful that the spirit had told me to switch bags and take out my wallet and I testify that it was the spirit that gave me the impression to do those things.
We were both a little shocked. The good thing was that the robber was so smart to tug hard that the cell phone fell out! That was another tender blessing. We picked up the phone and ran to the almacen nearby where there had been people watching it. We asked them if we should call the police and they told us no, because they won´t do anything. (I just love Uruguayan police. They´re the best in the world).
Luckily, we were safe. Sadly, they did get away with one of my most prized possessions, my scriptures. I still pray every day for a miracle to happen and them to show up or for the robbers to read them. (Pray for my scriptures). We tried to find a safer place to live, but nothing has fallen through for 2 ½ months now.
With everything that happened, president decided to take us out of the area. Everything happens for a reason! Luckily everything worked out, because he sent Hermana Hafen and I to RIVERA! (One of the safest place on earth, mom). It´s on the border of Brazil and we love it here! It´s a blessing that we are staying together and this will be our 2nd time opening and area together. 
I am so grateful for the protection the Lord. I know the /lord protects his missionaries. I also know that the holy ghost is so important in everything we do. We need to be worthy to have it´s guidance and quick to obey it´s whispers. I feel blessed.
Hermana Baca

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