Monday, March 9, 2015

February 9,2015

 I am still getting use to be in Montevideo and not Artigas. Who knew a country could be so different from one end to the other. I`m not use to being turned down so much and on Thursday I felt very down. We have been being very obedient in all things with the new plan we have for the mission, there isn`t a lesson or contact that we do without asking for references, and there isn`t a person that we pass without talking to them. On one side I feel good knowing that I am doing all that I can to bautizar, rescatar, and retener although, I have felt very down because in Montevideo the people aren`t as kind. I felt a lot of pressure to not only give the members a good experience by working with us, but also to Hermana Galvan (our corto plazo hija). 

The next day I had divisiones with Hermana Buno. I prayed that the Lord would help me feel more animated during the day. When the afternoon came around Hermana Buno explained that she had been feeling the same way. After talking we both came to realize that the spiritual experiences we have in lessons give us a lot of animo to work, but because it`s a lot different here we have to work harder and prayer for those spiritual experiences that keep us going.

After having an inspired experience with Hermana Buno I realized that even though we didn`t have a ton of lessons during the day to show Hermana Galvan, we did have an excelente companionship study. That same Thursday we taught Hermana Galvan lesson 1.1. We taught her not as an investigator, but has Estefani Galvan. It was a spiritual experience for all of us. I realized that I really needed to start praying for spiritual experiences and give thanks when we do have them. I went on working the rest of the week with a lot more animo. By the end of the week we saw miracles. 

During the week we had visited an inactive member who lost her only daughter 5 years ago and hadn`t been to church since. We have been visiting the family, their home teachers, and they are on the list from the high priest to work with. This past week we visited her with Kris (the Relief Society president and the daughter of Bishop Sandes). Kris hadn`t been to the house since the daughter died, because it was hard for her to go. When we asked Kris to come visit Hermana Perez with us to wish her a Happy Birthday we had no idea.

Even though it had been 5 years the visit was very successful. Kris ended up asking flat out ``Why don`t you two go to church`` La Familia Perez didn`t say why, but Kris told Hermana Perez that she was going to pick her up Sunday to go to sacrament meeting. Sunday came and Kris called her to say she was on her way, but when Hermana Perez got on the phone she told her that she wasn`t going, because she was having a panic attack. Kris told her she was coming anyways with someone to give her a blessing. Not only did she receive a blessing, but Kris was there to help her with her nerves, because she had suffered from the same thing. I have no doubt Kris needed to be the one to help her on Sunday.

For the first time in 5 years Hermana Perez came to church and partook of the sacrament. Hermana Perez commented that the last talk given was just for her. She said `` I knew the day I went back to church God would speak to me and he did during that talk``. All the members felt the same way. Everyone was so surprised, but the best part was that all the members that had visited her or had gone to visit her saw  the fruits of THEIR labor. They all hugged her and showed her love. Then when we did the huddle we talked about how great it was to see someone from the list progressing.

I know that as we are obedient and diligent we can see the fruits of our labor. I know that this plan that we have been putting into place is a truly inspired plan. I know that the members are an essential part of this plan and as we work together we can see miracles. I am grateful for the members here in Barrio 7. They helped us have a spiritual experience this week and we have so much animo to start a new week now.

Hermana Baca

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