Sunday, March 22, 2015

March 18,2015

It´s has been a crazy week full of fun adventures and learning. Hermana Hafen and I got to drive up to Artigas (where I served for 11 months) with president for the stake conference. Some might call it privelegios, but I like to call it a blessing. We went to work with the sisters who are opening up my old area again and to teach all the people I worked with when I was there. It was a blessing!
Since leaving Artigas I have prayed so much for all of my converts, the less actives, the ward, and investigators. I haven´t been there, but my mind stayed there when I left. I truly have been worried for the salvation of those I taught. I always prayed that I would get the opportunity to teach and help them again. The Lord knows my desires and answered my prayers.
When I went I had a list of all the people I wanted to teach and find. As I showed up and taught them I could see how they were progressing and see how the Lord has answered every one of my prayers for them. The sisters and members are really doing a good job.
Izabel and Juan were two investigators I had been teaching. When I left Artigas they had just gotten married to get baptized and in the end they weren´t able to get baptized because she was sick and in the hospital, the last lesson I had with her was in a hospital bed during visiting hours. The week before I returned they got baptized and now they are working towards the temple after their daughters get baptized.
Viviana and Marino enjoyed watching Viviana´s parents (Juan and Izabel) get baptized. Vivana put the goal for them and their 3 daughters to get baptized after she had her baby. While I was there BIANCA WAS BORN. It was a blessing to meet her.
Izabel and Juan´s other two daughters Silvana and Diahana put the goal to be baptized together after Silvana gets married. Silvana has been living in Montevideo with her boyfriend, getting ready for marriage, and attending church EVERY week. I am so impressed with these young ladies and the progression of their family.
Ernesto and Ariamna were two of my converts who I taught for 9 months before they got baptized. I had found out that after I left they moved to another part of Artigas and no one knew where they were. I prayed that I could find them, and we did! It was amazing to hear their testimonies and goals to get sealed in the temple. They will go to church in their new ward this Sunday.
Emiria and Adan Bitancourt are less actives that were preparing to go to the temple April when I left. The last few months I was there Emiria was put on bed rest and unable to walk for a problem in her leg. I was happy to see her COMPLETELY HEALED leg and to know that they are still heading to the temple in April.
I was able to see lots of fruits of the labor I did with all my companions. I was also able to see that there is a still lot of work to do! I do know however, that as we work diligently we can not only expect to see fruits, but also miracles. Each one of these people’s stories is a miracle and I am so grateful for the spirit that lead me to them and helped me teach them. I am grateful that I can serve as a disciple of Christ and help them come unto him.
I love the path to discipleship I´m on and I am grateful for all the wonderful experiences I have had as I serve. I feel more and more of Heavenly Fathers love as I serve him and his children. I know he gives me blessings like going to Artigas for a weekend because our desires are one.
Hermana Baca

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