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MARCH 9, 2015 

A couple of weeks ago we had a really cool experience when we met a couple named Pablo and Gloria Florentin. Pablo was a missionary who built our church building 30+ years ago here in barrio 7. Him and his wife came all the way from Australia to visit Uruguay for 3 weeks and visit all of their friends. They put together a lunch reunion with all of the old members and invited us to participate.
It was interesting to go to the lunch and see that after 30 years, those that lived the gospel are happy. As for those who chose not to live the gospel, they`re not as happy as they could be. I was glad that Pablo put the lunch together and invited us because we were able to talk to those who had chosen not to live the gospel.  I was also glad that Pablo and Gloria came to Uruguay because for 3 weeks they worked with their old friends who had been struggling. They visited in their houses, helped with family history, and just worked for 3 weeks. They are amazing examples!
This past week was their last week here and since the first reunion we had with them we hadn`t really had much more contact with them. Every Tuesday we have to travel to central to go to our district meeting a half an hour away and as we were walking to the bus stop to head back I thought in my head `` I need to contact Pablo and Gloria before they leave.``. As I thought this in my head, we turned the corner and there they were! Pablo and Gloria hand in hand trying to cross the busy street. What a miracle!
When we walked up to them, we were both surprised to see each other. We asked them how they were and we could immediately see that they weren`t ok. Gloria started telling us how even though they came here to serve and help their friends everything has been going bad. She explained to us that right as we walked up she was upset because they were trying to go to the temple the only day they could and Pablo’s recommend was lost. We caught them right in a moment of discouragement.
As she talked I thought to myself `` that always happens to us as missionaries. We are working in the Lords work and trying to do so many good things, but at times the adversary is just so against us.``. As we took the bus back with them we listened to Gloria and comforted her. She told us how, even though it was a rough day, she doesn`t want to leave Uruguay because she wants to help. She told us that because they came on this trip, she decided she is going to stop working and return to Uruguay with her husband to serve a mission.
I was so grateful to listen to her testimony and learn from her example in just a short time. I know that it wasn`t a coincidence that we ran into them. I was grateful that we ran into them because they invited us to one that reunion with their friends the day before they left. There, we were able to talk with the same less actives, meet more people we could help, and feel the spirit with them.
Everyone was so grateful that Pablo came and brought them all back together. I loved what Pablo and Gloria said when they all expressed the gratefulness to them, they said `` It wasn`t Pablo that brought this all together, it was the Lord.`` They are examples of people who ``Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.`` Mathew 5:16. I know because of their good works and example these past few weeks they have glorified their Heavenly Father and helped others feel of his love. They changed lives. They changed my life, we became eternal friends.
I know that this is the Lords work and that he places people in our lives to glorify his love. I know that if we work hard to glorify his love in all that we do, we can see miracles in our lives and change others’ lives.
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